Friday, September 9, 2011

UFOs? Funtry Friday in the Sky!

Unidentified Flying Objects?  About to land out here?

No, wait.  Very Identifiable Flying Objects.  Airborne and planning an attack.
*theme from Mission Impossible*

Yeah - do you see all those spots in that photograph?  Those are not spots.  Those are TUMBLEWEEDS.  Not just any tumbleweeds.  Those are Tumbleweeds with pilot's licences.  Either that, or they are very prickly UFOs. 

Yep.  Those are four and five foot in diameter flying tumbleweeds.  Well, maybe there are a few three footers in there - they are so high up in the air that it is a bit hard to tell...  Astronaut Tumbleweeds instead of Pilot Tumbleweeds? 

They are heading north, though, so all my Canadian friends who wondered what tumbleweeds looked like - well, by tomorrow afternoon you will know.

Ah oh...

Did someone up north ask about dust storms?  Looks like one is heading your way, too.  No worries, this is just a baby one.

Oh, but it found a friend...

Yep.  Baby Dust Storm meets The Flying Tumbleweeds on a Journey to the Moon.  Somebody up in Canada be sure to get some good pictures.  This could make us famous.  Could be movie rights in this.  Yeah!

We need a theme song for the movie.
*chicken dance song plays in background*

Where did everyone go?  Hey?  Hey!  Come back here!

Oh well.  Hope they all have a good Funtry Friday. Glad you're still here 'cause I know you are having a good Funtry Friday!



  1. Dust Devil One to Tumbleweed Formation - do not, I repeat, DO NOT head for Valley of the Sun - hostile environment down there.

  2. Yikes! Never seen airborne tumbleweeds - Kathy you have such unique vistas ;^)

  3. Karin - Roger! Wilco! Heading due north.

    LOL - Lee, there is never a dull moment around here on the ground - or in the skies!

  4. I forgot about tumbleweeds! When we were in Texas, we saw plenty flying tumbleweeds--Although not that high in the sky!--and plenty of dust devils! We dont see them in the NW. Thanks for the memories!

  5. Have not seen a tumble weed in real life, not to mention one flying (adding music/song) ... will it go round in circles ... will it fly high like a bird up in the sky ...

    Speaking of birds ... um, any Ut-O's?

  6. lol, Fade to end of movie, tumbleweeds gone, dust devils calm - music, "I Can See Clearly Now"

  7. Yikes! Looks like a good day to stay inside and paint :)

  8. Amazing...I remember the rolling on the ground. :)

  9. Linda - These were the highest up I have ever seen them - and they were huge, too!

    LOL - Pretty, I could send you some ;-} Hopefully nobody was under them...

    *roflol* Marlene! Ah *dabs eyes with tissue* and it was such a moving movie...

    memories - yep, no twister chasing for this gal - that thing was loaded!

    Carole - We must have the perfect climate for adventurous tumbleweeds. I have seen them rolling down the road and as tall as some little cars, flying in the dust devils, and landing in the telephone wires. Sometimes I think it is an invasion =p LOL!

  10. I've seen tumbleweeds crossing the road but never flying in the air! What a sight to see! If they become airborn, what keeps small critters on the ground?

  11. BeadedTail - THAT is a VERY good question! Maybe that is why my chickens can fly.

  12. Tumbleweeds, don't you just love them. They are goat candy around our property! Az has been having some good storms lately~

  13. Kathy after looking at the first pic I was going to say your cameras dirty, then I read on, lol! you had me cracking up, you sure know how to tell a good story. These are so cool, and they do look like bizarre flying objects, lol!
    do you really think they will fly up to Canada? I'd sure get a kick out of viewing this!
    ps- what a cozy little community you live in, those houses nestled among the mountains....gosh, I would love to be there!

  14. Jeanne, my goat won't touch them unless they are green. My horse, however, will chow down on them. They must have tough lips! LOL
    Yeah - raining, sun, thunder, rain, clear - lol, don't like the weather today, wait a minute.

    pink, it was really crazy to see them flying so high! They were up there a long time, too - I figured I wouldn't get any pictures because I had to go get my camera. Not so! They were heading north, but they are wily dudes and who knows where they will wind up ;-)
    When I moved out here hardly any of those homes had been built.


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