Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It must be the kid in me!

"Soaring!" - one of the little butterflies
For Shannon's adoption fundraiser.
It totally has to be the child in me! 

I went looking for some new techniques to play with and where did I end up?  Check out these links to find out!

Deep Space Sparkle - Art lessons for kids!
She has the coolest projects there and I don't think they are just for kids.  I found some very fun things that I want to try.  Well, and I found some fun things to share with my grandgirls, too!

Crayola Crayons - they aren't just for kids anymore!  Did you know that you can use melted crayons in a Tjanting Needle on either paper or fabric?  It was news to me.  I also never thought about playing around with melted crayons to do an encaustic technique.  Directions for both - and lots more - are on their website.

Drop by Design-Your-Homeschool and explore their page about teaching art by exploring techniques.  There are some fun projects there for all ages, and, yes, I found more great ideas that I want to explore!

So, while I was waiting for little butterflies to dry, I was chasing fun projects all over the net.

"Dancing in the Skies"

Check out my blog post on The Art of Seeing, to find out about Shannon and her adoption fundraiser.

These little butterflies will be flitting over there at really great prices!



  1. Thanks for the links Kathy, will check them out. Love the butterflies, they are gorgeous.

  2. Oh what fun things to do with those crayons. I really didn't need more ideas!

  3. Beautiful Butterflies! Thanks for the helpful links, Kathy :D

  4. I love the butterflies! I do a LOT of fun things with crayons - including the tjanting needle hint, which I discovered back in the 70s when I was creating fabric and couldn't find (or afford) the regular wax! Great links - there is always something new to learn!

  5. Love those butterflies, they would make very pretty birthday cards printed out. Linda :)

  6. Thanks, Marlene - lots of fun projects on those links.

    LOL - Kim, I'm not sure I needed more ideas either, but there's nothing like a new idea to jumpstart my creative juices!

    Thanks, Lee - and you're welcome!

    Karin - I was playing with crayons back then only I was using sandpaper, irons and wax paper ;-) The fabric sounds really cool!

    Linda - thanks for the idea! I have had a couple of people suggest that I make cards =)


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