Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember.

No pictures.
No fancy font.
No artwork.

Not today.

Today I pause and remember.
Remember exactly where I was when I first heard the news.

I was putting on my makeup.  Getting ready for a busy day at work.  Preoccupied with thoughts of what to pack for lunch and which route to take as I drove to town that morning.

Wondering how Mom was settling in at the nursing home.

Looking forward to seeing my daughter soon.

Gone.  All those thoughts gone in a moment.  Replaced by the obvious thought that I had to have heard it wrong.  But then - there was the same news again.

Like so many Americans, I was stunned.  Mechanically, I went to work.  I wondered who would be shopping, but some people reached for the "normal" that had been lost.  They came in and browsed.  And bought.  And left.

We hung my father's flag in the window of the store.  It filled the store front window.  That was the only time it has ever been displayed.  Folded once again, it sits in my bookcase.  A reminder of Dad's service to our nation during WWII - and a reminder of the lives lost that day.

I remember.

Dedication, sacrifice, valor. 
I pray for the survivors and for the families of those who did not survive.

God bless America.


"...and God shall wipe every tear from their eyes."
Revelation 7:17


  1. That was a very fitting tribute post today!

  2. Simple yet poignant. Thanks for the thoughts. God bless you for your prayers for others!

  3. beautifully remembered, Kathy!
    I owned a gift shop at the time and was preparing to leave for work. I went on the the store and was so glad I did. I missed lots of TV coverage, but many people came in just to talk. And that was wonderful!

  4. Thank you, Linda!

    Splendid - the same thing happened to us. We even turned the radio off for a while and just visited with each other and our customers.

  5. We were at work. Me at my job, I was called into the back room to see the tv. Called DH, and school. Picked up DD, met at home and hunkered down not knowing what was yet to come. American was under attack, and we felt helpless. Soon I would join the DHS in an effort to do "something" to try to help our country ... and we prayed, as we still do. We are among those who appreciate the reminders, we must never forget.

    Hugs Kathy

  6. that was so sweet. I was at work, and us being a smallish museum, we all got together around a tv in shock. I'm just so glad the day is over and no problems. I didn't watch any of the ceremonies but the site is so lovely {:-D

  7. Thanks, Pretty - for your comments and for your DHS work!

    story - me, too. We had to turn the radio off for a while at work. It was just too much to listen to the same thing over and over. I listened to a few commentaries, but didn't watch any ceremonies either.

  8. I don't believe there is anything I recall more vividly - people ask "where were you when..." and we all share those memories. For some of us, we now have this memory to add to some others - JFK, Bobby, Martin Luther King, and now 9/11 - there are those that remember Pearl Harbor - and so we store up these memories of our country being under fire. I pray lessons were learned, so the next generation will not add to this list of memories. On 9/11 I was at work in a high rise in central Phoenix - we were sent home by Home Office. But many of us were so stunned that it just was not sinking in. I had friends in our office in NYC - we could not reach anyone. And so the days went - horror after horror, story after story. But there were the wonderful, heroic, touching moments also. Our country rallied and showed what we were made of - no matter our race, religion, whatever - we were Americans! For that I am thankful and try to keep those memories in the forefront.

  9. Thanks, memories!

    Well said, Karin!


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