Friday, September 2, 2011

How to turn a Red Heeler into a Brown Heeler - Funtry Friday

First you take a stick.
Then you add a Red Heeler.

Repeat and toss well.

Add an audience for additional action.

A confused audience is best.  This group hasn't figured out why the Red (almost Brown) Heeler is chasing the stick and not chasing them.

Squint through the dust and you will find that you have turned your Red Heeler into a Brown Heeler.  You have also turned your yard into a dust bowl and yourself into a brown turnip.

Even though Bailey is begging for another toss, it's time for a big puddle for her and a shower for me.  As for the sheep?  Show's over so they all wandered away in search of other excitement.

Hope someone tosses some fun your way this Friday!



  1. I love the look on the sheeps' faces! And Bailey is a hoot! Mud pies anyone?

  2. I was laughing so hard - and I don't know who was funnier. The sheep kept watching and turning thieir heads - it looked like they were watching a tennis match. Bailey wanted to chase the stick soooo bad, but she also wanted to go herd the sheep so she kept an eye on them the whole time. It was very good morning entertainment! LOL!

  3. LOL Always so much fun reading your posts!!!

  4. Kathy those were awesome pics, and your commentary is hilarious!
    love the look on that sweet pup's face, and the pic with all the sheep watching, lol!

  5. Since I have 2 Blue Heelers I know the intensity they do everything with. So I am loving watching Bailey multi-task. ANd having fun doing it, makes it even better.

  6. Thanks, Pam - hehe - I just love to write "tutorials" ;-)

    Thanks, pink - I was laughing so hard watching those sheep trying to figure out what the dog was doing.

    Kim - she is an awesome dog. She helped herd the sheep in the trailer when my friend came to load them up. It was fun to watch her in action. Usually I am just throwing a stick for her. Yep, intense does describe them!

  7. Pet people are so much fun, and the black heads moving back and forth in unison staring at that thing that ususally scares them into obeying, I actually broke out into real laughter ... not just letters (LOL). Your sense of humor is mucho enduring!

  8. this was so much fun! Feel I was almost there! Great post! {:-D

  9. Awww - thanks, Pretty! It was a VERY fun critter morning - and it still has me chuckling. The response of the sheep was hysterical!

    Thanks, story - glad you enjoyed it and hope you didn't get too dusty ;-)

  10. That was funny! Those sheep are probably wondering what in the heck they were watching! I would have loved to watch that in person! It would have been worth becoming a brown turnip!

  11. LOL - BeadedTail - it was worth becoming a brown turnip, though it is really hard to laugh that much and keep your mouth closed. I think I ate a sizable amount of dirt that day 8-p

  12. Wow! That was so funny and lovely! I love so much! BTW, if you have etsy coupon you can share your coupon at

  13. Thanks Sara elizabeth. Bailey is a very fun dog! Sorry - no coupons, but thanks for the link to share them.


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