Friday, September 30, 2011

Vehicular Genealogy - Funtry Friday!

My family has an interesting tradition with vehicles.  They tend to last a long time, get a lot of miles, and travel all over the place in more ways than one.  Check this out…

My first car was a 1963 blue Ford Falcon – Beauregard Thaddeus Car, BT the Beautiful Blue Bomb – which previously belonged to my grandfather.  After his death, my 80 year old grandmother talked about learning how to drive… but I convinced her that I really needed a vehicle and I couldn’t find one nearly as good as BT on any car lot anywhere.   She gave me the car, gave up the idea of driving, and we all heaved a collective sigh of relief.

I drove BT until my Dad bought a new little 1982 GMC truck.  He and my Mom gave me their little Honda Accord so I parked BT.  They also bought a nice minivan to drive around all the company coming up to their new country home.

After Mom and Dad bought a LaBaron for nice town driving, they gave my sister the little 1982 GMC truck which she drove for several years.

I found a home for BT with the son of my employer.  He restored it with his son who then *very proudly* gave me a ride in the shiny “new” Falcon.  That was fun!

I drove that little Honda until Mom gave me Dad’s LaBaron after we sadly lost him to a brief illness.  I shivered every time I hauled hay or went camping in that lovely car.  At that time, I actually sold that Honda, too… the only time I have ever sold a car.

Meanwhile, my daughter was learning to drive – stick shift, no less – in the LaBaron on the country back roads. 

Then in 1995 I traded the LaBaron in on Super Truck and we happily hauled hay, went camping, and did all that other truck stuff.  Check out my “Super Truck” page and you can see some of the adventures we have had.

Is your head spinning yet?  Stay with me now – this is all going somewhere, and it will involve some fun.  You will have to “stay tuned” and hear “the rest of the story” to see just where we are traveling, though.  But, I haven’t had a giveaway in a loooong time, and, well…

Stay tuned!

Happy Trails,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to be quiet on a crazy busy day.

We all have those crazy busy days - ones where you pack in a million errands. 

Days where your mind is never on where you are or what you are doing, but rather on the next stop on the list or the next job to call finished. 

Well, I could have had one of those days yesterday, but I made up my mind that I wouldn't do it. 
Oh, I still had a whole list of errands and a bunch of stops to make, but I decided that I was going to have a quiet day anyway.

The list:
  • Bible study breakfast (good way to start the day!)
  • Grocery store (with a little list)
  • The Art Store (and The Frame and I)
  • Order flowers at The Flower Box - my friend, Margie, is 90 years old now!
  • See what's new at the Huckeba Gallery
  • Get gasoline (that I might be able to get home)
  • Costco (with a big list)
  • Olsen's Grain (to keep the chickens happy!)
  • Pick up mail at the Post Office
  • Go home!!!
Yep, I left at a little after 7 AM and I got home around 4:15 PM.  Then I had to unload everything, too.  Well almost...  I admit that I drove two bags of chicken feed and a bag of dog food to church this morning. 

So how did I keep that frantic Saturday quiet?  Let me tell you.

My day was too busy not to start with prayer.  Then I enjoyed a little bit of sunrise - yummy colors!  My friends and I enjoyed good company, great conversation, and a nice breakfast.  The grocery store is never crowded that early in the morning.  What's not to like about roaming through an art store and frame shop?  Well - okay, insert fabric store, craft store, mall - or whatever you enjoy!  Then add good friends and more fun conversation in there, too.  Then I ordered flowers from a friend of mine, and got another nice visit.  Took a tour through another friend's gallery and enjoyed a little more fun.  Beginning to see a trend here? 

Next on the list?  Costco.  Now, you are thinking how is Costco going to be relaxing on a Saturday?  Believe it or not, there was no line at the service station.  That's relaxing!  Now it's time to grab my list and fill the cart - and have a nice chat with the photo clerk who gave me information about printers and another chat with the nice lady who knew where the raisins were.  "No thanks - I don't need any boxes."  And off we go!

Okay, I am getting a little bit tired now, but it is really cool inside Olsen's (both the store and the temperature!).  And it's fun to read the message boards in the back of the store...  But, we'll get that last sack of feed and mosey on to the Post Office. 

And, truthfully, I am still amazed that I didn't meet anyone to chat with at the Post Office! 

So what makes a busy day like this quiet?  Lots of little pauses along the way.  Visits with friends and strangers.  Allowing yourself enough time to accomplish everything.  Having a list - and knowing when to leave stuff for another day's list. 

And taking a little time first thing in the morning to thank the Lord for the beautiful sunrise!


PS  Oh, and yeah - the feed sacks are still in the truck.  You know, they will wait until morning *winks*  Now where did I put that pencil?  I think today's list is finished!

"Be still, and know that I am God!
I am exalted among the nations,
I am exalted in the earth."
Psalm 46:10

Friday, September 23, 2011

What do you see out your window? Funtry Friday!

I love the view out my window!

It's really pretty at sunset!

It's a really good view out the barn window, too.

And then, when I open the door there's a very good view there, too.

Outside, there are some very fun views, too!

This one is quite colorful.  Seriously! 
See where the arrow is pointing?
Billie Jane has "color" in her bloodlines and
she keeps having more little spots show up.
There's a new white one on her chin!

Well, her little polka-dot is fun for me - hehe!

Happy Funtry Friday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ummm... huh? Funtry Friday - fooled me!

Awww - look at all the pretty chickens!  Remember when I took the girls and let them pick out some baby chicks?  Check out the Professional Chicken Shoppers - they are sooo cute!  Yes, the girls and the chicks ;-) 

Well, here are those little chicks all grown up!  Aren't they pretty?

Ummmm... oops...  There seems to be a little, well... these are all supposed to be... well, the sign said pullets...  girls, hens, huh...

Whoopsie.  It would appear that there's a little rooster tail in there with all those hens. 

And the really sad part?  The girls picked out all but one of the baby chicks. 

Ya know, I have always said that I could pick out the roosters with my eyes closed.  Apparently, I can also pick them out with my eyes open.

Hope he and Buddy get along because he sure is handsome!

Happy Funtry Friday!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember.

No pictures.
No fancy font.
No artwork.

Not today.

Today I pause and remember.
Remember exactly where I was when I first heard the news.

I was putting on my makeup.  Getting ready for a busy day at work.  Preoccupied with thoughts of what to pack for lunch and which route to take as I drove to town that morning.

Wondering how Mom was settling in at the nursing home.

Looking forward to seeing my daughter soon.

Gone.  All those thoughts gone in a moment.  Replaced by the obvious thought that I had to have heard it wrong.  But then - there was the same news again.

Like so many Americans, I was stunned.  Mechanically, I went to work.  I wondered who would be shopping, but some people reached for the "normal" that had been lost.  They came in and browsed.  And bought.  And left.

We hung my father's flag in the window of the store.  It filled the store front window.  That was the only time it has ever been displayed.  Folded once again, it sits in my bookcase.  A reminder of Dad's service to our nation during WWII - and a reminder of the lives lost that day.

I remember.

Dedication, sacrifice, valor. 
I pray for the survivors and for the families of those who did not survive.

God bless America.


"...and God shall wipe every tear from their eyes."
Revelation 7:17

Friday, September 9, 2011

UFOs? Funtry Friday in the Sky!

Unidentified Flying Objects?  About to land out here?

No, wait.  Very Identifiable Flying Objects.  Airborne and planning an attack.
*theme from Mission Impossible*

Yeah - do you see all those spots in that photograph?  Those are not spots.  Those are TUMBLEWEEDS.  Not just any tumbleweeds.  Those are Tumbleweeds with pilot's licences.  Either that, or they are very prickly UFOs. 

Yep.  Those are four and five foot in diameter flying tumbleweeds.  Well, maybe there are a few three footers in there - they are so high up in the air that it is a bit hard to tell...  Astronaut Tumbleweeds instead of Pilot Tumbleweeds? 

They are heading north, though, so all my Canadian friends who wondered what tumbleweeds looked like - well, by tomorrow afternoon you will know.

Ah oh...

Did someone up north ask about dust storms?  Looks like one is heading your way, too.  No worries, this is just a baby one.

Oh, but it found a friend...

Yep.  Baby Dust Storm meets The Flying Tumbleweeds on a Journey to the Moon.  Somebody up in Canada be sure to get some good pictures.  This could make us famous.  Could be movie rights in this.  Yeah!

We need a theme song for the movie.
*chicken dance song plays in background*

Where did everyone go?  Hey?  Hey!  Come back here!

Oh well.  Hope they all have a good Funtry Friday. Glad you're still here 'cause I know you are having a good Funtry Friday!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It must be the kid in me!

"Soaring!" - one of the little butterflies
For Shannon's adoption fundraiser.
It totally has to be the child in me! 

I went looking for some new techniques to play with and where did I end up?  Check out these links to find out!

Deep Space Sparkle - Art lessons for kids!
She has the coolest projects there and I don't think they are just for kids.  I found some very fun things that I want to try.  Well, and I found some fun things to share with my grandgirls, too!

Crayola Crayons - they aren't just for kids anymore!  Did you know that you can use melted crayons in a Tjanting Needle on either paper or fabric?  It was news to me.  I also never thought about playing around with melted crayons to do an encaustic technique.  Directions for both - and lots more - are on their website.

Drop by Design-Your-Homeschool and explore their page about teaching art by exploring techniques.  There are some fun projects there for all ages, and, yes, I found more great ideas that I want to explore!

So, while I was waiting for little butterflies to dry, I was chasing fun projects all over the net.

"Dancing in the Skies"

Check out my blog post on The Art of Seeing, to find out about Shannon and her adoption fundraiser.

These little butterflies will be flitting over there at really great prices!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Art of Seeing

Part of being an artist is learning the art of seeing.  In fact, it is the most important part of being an artist.  Seeing, for an artist, is not just looking at something.  Seeing is looking at it with your heart to discern what you can learn about it and how you can share what you have learned.

 So, how do you do that?

Well, it doesn't start when you pick up your first brush to create a painting of an apple.  It starts long before that moment.  It starts when you stop glancing at things.  It starts when you unconsciously replace a casual look around you, with a mind that studies light and shadow, texture and color - and a heart that wants to share what you see.  That is the beginning of seeing things from the "inside out", so to speak.  The beginning of seeking to understand your subject as more than a three dimensional object to be portrayed in art materials.

Learning to see this way has benefits beyond artistic creation.  Seeing things with your heart as well as your mind brings more beauty to the sunset.  Looking with your heart takes longer than a glance takes.  It makes you stop and fill yourself with what you see.  It also lets you see potential that you will miss if you only give life a brief glance.

Take these butterflies, for instance.  None of them are finished.  I have an idea in my mind that I want to share with these little paintings - an idea that is a reflection of how my heart sees butterflies.

A butterfly wasn't always a butterfly.  At one point it was a caterpillar.  It went from ewie to ahhhh in the eyes of most people - people who don't have much interest in what went happened  in between.  When I see a butterfly with my heart, I see the caterpillar, the chrysalis, the struggle, the butterfly and the freedom of flight. 

Where are these little butterflies going to fly?  I'm not sure.  But on the way, they will dance by a friend of mine, Shannon Thornsley Guerra, who is having a fundraiser for their adoption expenses.  You see, Shannon and her family have learned the art of seeing with their hearts.  They are adopting two children, a boy and a girl.  They are five years old, have never met, are very small for their age, hardly speak at all, and spend all their time in their orphanages. 

But Shannon and her family look at them with their hearts - and they see butterflies and not caterpillars.  They are willing to go through all of the blessings and struggles with these children, so that one day they, too, can see their own butterflies with their hearts.

Check out Shannon's blog, Copperlight Wood, to keep up with all of their adoption news.
Take a peek at her lovely Etsy shop, Baruch's Lullaby.
You can find her on Facebook, too.

Have a blessed day,

"God saw everything that He had made, and indeed, it was very good. 
And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day." 
Genesis 1:31

Friday, September 2, 2011

How to turn a Red Heeler into a Brown Heeler - Funtry Friday

First you take a stick.
Then you add a Red Heeler.

Repeat and toss well.

Add an audience for additional action.

A confused audience is best.  This group hasn't figured out why the Red (almost Brown) Heeler is chasing the stick and not chasing them.

Squint through the dust and you will find that you have turned your Red Heeler into a Brown Heeler.  You have also turned your yard into a dust bowl and yourself into a brown turnip.

Even though Bailey is begging for another toss, it's time for a big puddle for her and a shower for me.  As for the sheep?  Show's over so they all wandered away in search of other excitement.

Hope someone tosses some fun your way this Friday!

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