Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Feeling ***sheepish***?

Okay, I am feeling a little sheepish, and...

****WAIT.  STOP.****

Forrest, I am writing a blog post here.  Shhhhh!  What do you want?

***I want to know... what is going on out there...***

What?  Where?  You realize you are messing with my blogging here, Cat!

***Blogging*schmogging*...  what's up here?***

New neighbors.  Why don't you go get social and say "hi".

****merowerzzz****people.  pftzzz****

****Hey.  You out there.  You with the funny faces and the weird hair.  Yeah, you.****

****What are you?  Sheep?  huh.  what's a sheep?  Okay... nevermind...  Well, as long as you aren't dogs.  Or cats.  I guess you can stay.  Grass?  yeah - go ahead and eat the grass.  Just stay out of my cat food.****

****Yo!  It's okay.  They said they're sheep.  They aren't dogs (or cats) and they don't like catfood so I said they could stay.****

*ahem*  Thank you, Forrest.  Glad you approve... I think.  *rolls eyes*  Ummmm - and you're sure that you don't mind if they stay?  Even the baby?

****baby?  baby?  Well...  huh!  I had better go take a nap so I'll be all rested up for whatever happens next.****

*whispers*  Gee, do you all think that I should tell her that the sheep are just visiting?  Or should I let her find out for herself?  hehe!

Wool, I hope you have a lammie pie day!  Remember to count sheep if you take a nap *winks*


  1. Just visiting? bummer. I think Forrest would love a winter bed stuffed with wool.........

  2. ha Kathy! you sure know how to tell a story, lol! you should illustrate kids books :-)

  3. Yes - only visiting, Karin *roflol* I do not need 18 sheep and a lamb! LOL! Forrest will have to wait until all their wool grows back since they are recently sheared. hehe - they are here to eat my grass ;-)

    hehe - working on that little project, too, pink! The critters sure do give me lots of inspiration.

  4. Oh Forrest, it's too bad they're just visiting but we guess you'll have to enjoy them while you can! They sure seem to like you but of course who wouldn't like an adorable kitty!

    Angel & Isabella

  5. LOL, very cute. You should write children's books. I think you would do well with it!

  6. Angel and Isabella - Ifs they stays out of the cat food, they can stays as longs as they wants. Theys cute, too!
    THE Cat In Charge of all Incoming Critters

    Wax Beach - I would like to do that someday. However, since Forrest, Cookie and Lova keep taking over my blog, maybe they would be even better at it than I ;-)

    Thanks, Mechelle - it's the first time I have been around sheep since I was a little girl wanting to pet my uncle's sheep. They are fun to watch!

  7. hehe - Forrest has no fear of large animals of any kind! She was nose to nose with the sheep within minutes of the first time she saw them.

  8. Very fun post, Forrest is such a great cat and very brave.

  9. Marlene, she makes me think of a greeting card I saw years ago with the title "How big a cat thinks they are." The cat filled the room and the people were tiny and squished. LOL - I do believe that Forrest thinks she is at least as big as an elephant =p

  10. Fun Fun Fun! Cat's perspective :D

  11. And not just any cat, Lee - Forrest THE Queen of all Cats! LOL! (And I haven't told her differently =p LOL)

  12. Thanks, Pam. My friend raises them for show and sale.


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