Saturday, July 2, 2011

What do you do with all the apple cores?

Not too long ago, my daughter and I canned a bunch of apple sauce.  Of course the apples had to be peeled and cored before they were cooked.  (Looks yummy, doesn't it?!)


Not one to waste the left over cores and skins, I took them home.  After all, I know that the chickens, Benny Bunny, Bethie the goat, and Hershey the horse will all eat apples.  Billie Jane - in spite of the fact that most horses will run a mile for an apple - turned up her nose at them.  However, when this little bucket of treats was presented to Bethie...

...she was VERY happy with her version of spaghetti!

And, yes - she did slurp that up in record time and then looked around for more - haha!

So, what do you do with your apple cores and apple peels when you make apple sauce?

Happy weekend!


  1. Compost pile because,alas,I have no chickens, Benny Bunny, Bethie the goat or Hershey the horse. :-( I would love to have a Bethie...Such a cute picture!

  2. So cute! And funny too!

    Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us.

  3. What, no cheese on the sgetties?

  4. Well, usually it's my mom or my granny who would make the applesauce, apple butter, apple cider, apple juice etc every year, so depending on when they told us they were done with the apples and the leftovers needed to go: if they were still decently fresh, they went to the hogs and the goats. If they had started to decompose, they went to the compost pile with the stable muck for the next year's apples.

  5. Great shot! Savoring the leftovers :D

  6. Thanks, matts! haha - I hate to waste anything!

    Awww - Graceful - hope you get your Bethie someday. Goats are LOTS of fun!

    Thanks,Kim - and you are very welcome =)

    LOL - Jane - no, she's watching her weight ;-)

    Jessica - my neighbor had a sow for a while and she ate very well around here! How nice to have apple trees =)

    Thanks, Lee - it was really hard to get a decent photo because she was really slurping fast!

    Grandma - I thing she would like this every day - but she will have to trade off with carrot pieces now and then! LOL!

  7. Great photo of a funny animal. Aren't they all just a treat to watch.

  8. Such a cute picture. Alas I feel guilty now as I just throw the peels and cores away. I have no garden or animals to feed them to.

  9. Carole - Thanks =) I could just sit and watch my animals all day! Every time I go out without my camera, I miss some great antics - LOL!

    Thanks, Marlene =) Well, I have been known to dump stuff at the bottom of a hole and plant a tree on it, too. Those trees always seem to do better! I have had several dogs that ate apples and one that dug up the carrots in the garden that I grew for me to eat. It's funny to see what they will do next. Bethie was a little surprised to have apple peels be long strings *LOL*

  10. At our house I am the animal, I love eatting all the peeling.

  11. Haha - Johnnie! I don't peel the apples that I eat, but I do share the cores with Benny Bunny and Bethie!

  12. I compost them - and I also have all of the ladies at church trained to save me any and all compostables (is that a word?)!

  13. Hey - if mazagine and anywho were designated as words, I vote we add compostables - it's so ecco friendly ;-) I compost food stuff that I can't feed to any critters. Not much falls in that category, though.

  14. She REALLY enjoyed those apple skins and cores - almost as much as I enjoyed taking the pictures!


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