Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get creative with your photographs!

Are your photos in a shoebox?  Naughty you!  Share them and enjoy them!  Put them in an album - or display them in a creative and fun way.

Use an elegant picture frame...
Dad on his ship during WWII.

Or leave it in it's antique frame just the way it has always been!
The Wisconsin homestead.

Tuck a little photograph in among your books...
An army band.

Or include it in a fantastic shadowbox!
Dad in his Navy uniform.  The record is him reading the president's declaration of war.

Use a photo to remember a special occasion (like Dad's retirement)...
A gift to Dad from the bank when he retired.

Or to remember someone special (like Grandmother when she was a little girl)!
Grandmother won a contest for a soap company and this was one of her prizes.

Oh, she looks a little sad there, doesn't she.  No worries - check out what I did with Photoshop to make this sad little antique hand colored photograph all better in my post, Photoshop wonderful to Grandmother's rescue!  Now we can each have a copy of Grandmother's wonderful photograph.

You may have guessed that photographs are popular in our family.  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the ways I share mine - how do you share yours?  Tell us in the comments!


PS  Yes, some of my walls are red!


  1. Hi Kathy, photo shopped Grandma turned out awesome. I love to look at old photos. I have some of mine in frames on the wall and I have some in albums and have made albums for all my kids, I also made a family calendar one year with pictures of the family and a recipe book for all the kids with some old photos of them as kids with their favorite recipe when they were growing up. (They all chose weiner wraps so the first one to say it is on that page.)

  2. Your Photographs look awesome, inspiration for the rest of us. Linda :)x

  3. Great way to keep your family and memories close!

  4. Thank you for sharing some of your family photos with us :-) It's amazing how often photos sit in a shoebox when they should be on display!

  5. Marlene - My sister made a family calendar one year and it was LOTS of fun to get. I kept it, too! Great idea to do a cookbook! I may try to talk the family into doing that ;-)

    Thanks, Linda! Glad to provide a little inspiration =)

    I agree, Lee! It's really fun to have lots of antique family photos that have been passed down through the generations.

    Very true, Purple Pony - Photographs catch a slice of life and bring back all sorts of fun memories to make us smile. Having a home full of photos is like having a home full of smiles =)

  6. I am a photo junkie also! I have a family picture wall and collect vintage and/or interesting frames to display them in. I also print a lot of photos on fabric for use in special gifts for friends and family.

  7. Your photo displays are wonderful! Sadly, most of our photos are in boxes or if they are recent, they are only on my computer (and backup of course). I do have a few special photos displayed in our stairwell but I have so many more I should have displayed.

  8. Karin - printing on fabric sounds like sooooo much fun! I have seen some transfer methods, but never tried any. Photo junkies rule
    ;-) LOL, I still have my 8th grade class picture framed and on the wall.

    Beaded - I have albums and boxes, too - and tons (backed up, too!) on my computer. My friend, Margie, has a small home so she puts her pictures on her computer and lets her screen saver play them. It was fun to watch all her pictures when we visited. That's another way that we can enjoy the pictures on our computers ;-) You have taken some great ones for your blog!

  9. I love photographs--old and new!
    enjoyed these photos here.
    I used to do scrapbooking and I miss it.
    Over my be I have 8 framed photos (that I took) all in a horizontal line. all scenery--some close up, some not. all from vacations.

  10. What fun! I have never done the scrapbooking, but I have friends who have. Your photos sound like fun memories to have nearby!

  11. I love photos, I have so many frames around my house, they are my weakness lol

  12. Frames are so much fun, aren't they, Pam! There is such a great variety out there - a very fun way to add something neat to a room. LOL - you should see all the pictures of pictures that I didn't put in this post! haha!

  13. lol Kathy, I can imagine, you worked in a frame store :)

  14. LOL - and all of the empty frames waiting for artwork ;-)
    But we won't mention the art supplies, okay?!


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