Friday, July 22, 2011

Funtry Friday Travel Time!

Sometimes we just have to have a little adventure...

 Yes, Cookie, we are going for a ride.  (mwahahha!)  And, no, you may not drive.

Oh.  The vet.  Nice... thanks...
 Hey - you are the one that ate the fox tail! 

Hey - look at all those bushes.  I want to go see them ALL!  Yes. I said SEE.
 Okay, get past the bushes, get past the critters in the waiting room, get down the hall, and get into the exam room.  With the distractable dog still in tow...

Oh! OH! *shivers*  LOOK!  I see a kitty - come here little kitty... Why are you up there?  come down here!
Picture.  Cookie, it's a picture.  COOKIE!  Barking at a picture does not speak well about your discernment... among other things...
Just sayin'

Who cares.  Wow, that was the most fun cat chasing that I have had in quite a while *yawn*
Some days... are just, well Dog Days!

Hope you had a fun Friday!

PS The vet got the fox tail, I got the bill, and Cookie never did get to play with the cat...


  1. And Cookie is OK, I presume!
    Visiting the vet--quite an adventure! Was it worth that fox tail,
    I wonder?

  2. What a day. How on earth did you figure out Cookie ate a foxtail? Glad all is well.

  3. Doggie Documentary! Glad that's over and looks like all is swell! ;>)

  4. Haha, I worked at a vet for over 23years and it is amazing how many dogs will bark at a cat picture but the cats could care less about the dog pictures, lol figures. We used to keep a cat poster right across from the exam room table to make it easier to control which way the dog was facing during the exam until one day we had a dog jump over the handler and smack into the wall at the picture. That was the end of the cat poster days!

  5. Thanks, Splendid - Cookie is fine! She loves everyone and is really okay with going to the vet - and getting aaaaallll the attention! I had a nice visit with the vet, too ;-) But I would rather run into her at the feed store and skip the foxtail next time! LOL!

    Marlene - She was coughing and, since we have a lot of foxtails around here, I figured she had one stuck in her throat. And she did =p Naughty girl for nibbling the grass...

    Swell indeed, Lee ;-) And everyone is fine!

    Wax Beach - that is hysterical!!! I can almost imagine Cookie doing that =p When I took her back to have her shots, she was in a different exam room with a different picture - and she did the same thing! LOL - and, very true, I have never had a cat react to ANY pictures. I did have one chase things on the TV, though...

  6. Poooorrrr Cookie! Those foxtails should be outlawed! I never had an animal eat one, although I have had abcessed ears and pads of feet because of those nasty things. Take good care of Cookie - I think all of this calls for an extra biscuit ;-)

  7. I am so glad that Cookie is Okay!! We just somehow know when things aren't right with our fur babies.

  8. Karin - Cookie is fine and the biscuit department was well covered! I agree - those things are nasty =p

    Very true, Kim!

  9. So glad to hear Cookie is ok! Beautiful dog!

  10. Thanks, Pam - on both counts. She is back to her normal self ;-)


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