Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yep, I finally did it. I made my first ever Etsy Treasury!

I created my very first treasury on Etsy this week and I just have to share it!

Just a few of my online Etsy friends!


PS  I am very blessed to have made many wonderful friends on Etsy.
I ran out of spaces way before I ran out of my friends,
so be looking another treasury featuring more of my Etsy friends!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Funtry Friday Travel Time!

Sometimes we just have to have a little adventure...

 Yes, Cookie, we are going for a ride.  (mwahahha!)  And, no, you may not drive.

Oh.  The vet.  Nice... thanks...
 Hey - you are the one that ate the fox tail! 

Hey - look at all those bushes.  I want to go see them ALL!  Yes. I said SEE.
 Okay, get past the bushes, get past the critters in the waiting room, get down the hall, and get into the exam room.  With the distractable dog still in tow...

Oh! OH! *shivers*  LOOK!  I see a kitty - come here little kitty... Why are you up there?  come down here!
Picture.  Cookie, it's a picture.  COOKIE!  Barking at a picture does not speak well about your discernment... among other things...
Just sayin'

Who cares.  Wow, that was the most fun cat chasing that I have had in quite a while *yawn*
Some days... are just, well Dog Days!

Hope you had a fun Friday!

PS The vet got the fox tail, I got the bill, and Cookie never did get to play with the cat...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get creative with your photographs!

Are your photos in a shoebox?  Naughty you!  Share them and enjoy them!  Put them in an album - or display them in a creative and fun way.

Use an elegant picture frame...
Dad on his ship during WWII.

Or leave it in it's antique frame just the way it has always been!
The Wisconsin homestead.

Tuck a little photograph in among your books...
An army band.

Or include it in a fantastic shadowbox!
Dad in his Navy uniform.  The record is him reading the president's declaration of war.

Use a photo to remember a special occasion (like Dad's retirement)...
A gift to Dad from the bank when he retired.

Or to remember someone special (like Grandmother when she was a little girl)!
Grandmother won a contest for a soap company and this was one of her prizes.

Oh, she looks a little sad there, doesn't she.  No worries - check out what I did with Photoshop to make this sad little antique hand colored photograph all better in my post, Photoshop wonderful to Grandmother's rescue!  Now we can each have a copy of Grandmother's wonderful photograph.

You may have guessed that photographs are popular in our family.  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the ways I share mine - how do you share yours?  Tell us in the comments!


PS  Yes, some of my walls are red!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What do you do with all the apple cores?

Not too long ago, my daughter and I canned a bunch of apple sauce.  Of course the apples had to be peeled and cored before they were cooked.  (Looks yummy, doesn't it?!)


Not one to waste the left over cores and skins, I took them home.  After all, I know that the chickens, Benny Bunny, Bethie the goat, and Hershey the horse will all eat apples.  Billie Jane - in spite of the fact that most horses will run a mile for an apple - turned up her nose at them.  However, when this little bucket of treats was presented to Bethie...

...she was VERY happy with her version of spaghetti!

And, yes - she did slurp that up in record time and then looked around for more - haha!

So, what do you do with your apple cores and apple peels when you make apple sauce?

Happy weekend!
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