Saturday, May 14, 2011

OH NO!!!! What is that horrible sound!?!?

"Blaze" watercolor and gouache
Just driving down the road!  What's that awful noise?????
First the refrigerator made a bad sound. 
Then the printer joined the ranks of the loudly complaining... 
Now Super Truck?  NOOooooooo! 
*slaps forehead*

Almost a grinding, but not quite...
*listens carefully*

But not all the time...
No, not just when I turn the corner...
Wait, it sounds like something is dragging...
Or stuck next to a tire...

*gets out of truck and checks in wheel wells*

*drives to Costco listening to intermittent nasty sound*

*sigh* I will take a momentary break from the disaster of yet another noisy attack from the mechanical contrivances.  Ahhhhh - shopping. 

*sigh*  But it can't last forever.  Okay, let's load up all the stuff from Costco - just shove it in here around all the recycling...

*bends over at a very uncomplimentary angle* 
What is that????  *reaches under truck - which makes other angle look like a super model in full formal regalia* 
If I can just reach this *grunts* and yank it out *this is not pretty - thank me for not sharing a picture*

Got it!

What was "IT"?

A weed.  A big whompin' carcass of a sheep weed (second cousin to a tumbleweed in the annoyance factor).  At least the tumbleweeds have the decency to evaporate when I run over them...  Sheep weed is more like a tree... with a trunk... and limbs that grab on to stuff under a truck and hang on for dear life while emitting a terrible scream when you drive down the road.

Oh, the picture of "Blaze"?  What does it have to do with nasty weeds?


But Blaze is much prettier than the ugly weed carcass.  I don't know about you, but I would MUCH rather see a horse than try to unhook a weed tree from underneath my truck in the Costco parking lot.

Hope you had fun today - I did after I heard Super Truck purring along without the Sheep Weed Tree!



  1. You, my friend, are hilarious. Love this! Thanks for making me laugh!

  2. WHEW! Thank the Lord it wasn't a permanent groan/scream. I hit a sheep weed once in my little Rambler station wagon (remember that baby?) while off-roading up north of Wickenburg. Not a nice weed at all. I'm glad you're safe back at home listening to normal groaning and screaming!

  3. What a relief! So glad it was nothing electronic or mechanical :D

  4. Glad it was nothing too major!
    I remember getting a rock stuck in my wheel well one time! It scared me that something was terribly wrong! I had to call my boyfriend...and then felt stupid when he found the rock...LOL!

  5. haha Kathy, you sure know how to tell a great story! I was worried it would be some poor animal under your truck. Whew, good thing it was just a tumbleweed, and I know how much you LOVE tumbleweeds, lol!

  6. This lighthearted post came at a good time, thank you. Glad the noise turned out to be a weed. Love the horse.

  7. v + s - hehe, thank you ;-)

    LOL - Remembrances, EVERYTHING was off road north of Wickenburg when you had that car! *roflol* Fortunate that those weeds didn't just congregate and cart you off to parts unknown back then ;-) I was VERY happy to discover the cause of the commotion!

    Me, too, Lee!!!!

    Me, too, memories! Those hidden little rocks can sure make a lot of noise!

    hehe - pink, that is what I get for running over those weeds. They do seek revenge! LOL! I'm glad that's all it was, too.

    Thanks, Marlene =) I will think twice next time I plan to obliterate a pile of weeds with my truck. I will still probably run them down anyway, though! LOL!

  8. Great story! Especially for a Grandma living in Southern California dealing with freeways and traffic jams. This really made me smile. Thank you!

  9. Whew, I'm glad it was something so silly and not serious!

  10. You are welcome Grandma Kc! Glad I gave you a chuckle =)

    Me, too, Purple Pony - it sure sounded bad! LOL!

  11. The picture you paint for me is that of SuperGirl!
    YIKES! I never heard of sheepweed before. But that is just the kind of information that makes reading your blog fun for this city girl.
    Yes, Blaze IS pretty!

  12. Splendid - I would introduce you to sheepweed, but that would be a mean thing for me to do =p Suffice to say that the stuff can grow about 8 inches a day. If there is rain, that is not a fish story!
    Glad you liked Blaze!
    Ummm... I'm thinking the pose I struck getting the sheepweed out was not exactly a super hero pose... at least not on a good day!

  13. LOL Glad you figured out the noise and fixed it! And cheap too :) And your right Blaze is beautiful!

  14. Thanks, Pam! LOL - I'm glad it was a cheap fix, too!

  15. I love your writing! You made my day! Thanks!

  16. Awww - thanks, Linda! So glad you dropped by - you made my day!


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