Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some things take a little longer… Like cheese!

Happy Funtry Friday! Yeah, I know, it’s Sunday. So happy Funtry Sunday! And, how about a little Funtry Saturday good wishes, too, since I have been working on this little project for three days. LOL!

I used to make cheese all the time when I was milking my goats – mmmmm! Yummy good goat cheese =) I have missed my homemade cheese, so I decided to see if I could come up with a soft cheese that tasted decent without the goat's milk. It took a little while, but I have a batch that I think will work. It still needs a bit of seasoning, but I’m not sure what I am going to do with it yet, so it’s just sitting the fridge for tonight.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Way ahead!

Here is flop number one ~

That there is a cheese brick destined for the chickens =p

Ummm, flop number two just went down the drain because it never set up at all.

This batch looks like cheese!

Especially when you ‘cut the cheese’. Yep, this is where that expression came from - cut cheese and you will know why.

Time to drain off the whey…

Isn’t that pretty!

Now it’s time to ‘hang’ the cheese. I have to admit, that I find it easier to just let it lay around in a strainer over a bowl. There are no handles on my cabinet doors…

Tomorrow I will have a nice little ball of cheese that will be similar to cream cheese. If this recipe actually tastes good tomorrow and if I can make it work again, I will share it with you.  For now, though if you want a recipe for cheese - just search the internet! There are tons of ways to make lots of different kinds of cheeses.
Now, if I can manage the bagels tomorrow, I will have a fun lunch ;-)

Have you made cheese before? What kind did you make?




  1. looks great!!! and is there a recipe for this? and oh my goats milk cheese my very favorite..wonder if i could with the kind i get at the grocery store..hmmm thoughts...

  2. Interesting, I have never made my own cheese or even thought I could. Actually I have never known anyone who did make there on cheese, until now. Sounds interesting but I'll wait to see how yours turned out.

  3. You are way too ambitious for me :^)
    Might have done that in my hippie days when I made all our bread and baked goods from scratch and even made granola...
    For some reason - I had more time then :D

    Can't wait to see how it turns out, Kathy!

  4. I haven't made cheese in years! I first learned how wonderful homemade cheese was when my grandparents ran the dairy farm in Scottsdale - YUMMMM!! I fell in love and then as an adult made cheese from the milk my friend gave me from her dairy. This week I am making lemon curd, but I may have to try my hand at cheese again if I can find some decent milk!

  5. thanks for the laugh Kathy, lol!
    you sure got lots of energy! there is no way I would make my own cheese, although my relatives all do in Greece, but then they have goats.
    My mom used to make yogurt though, does that count?
    hope it's tasty :-D

  6. BackyardNaturePhotosApril 4, 2011 at 3:46 PM

    Can't wait to hear how you seasoned it. You're tempting me to try some!

  7. PattiV - I will post both this recipe and my original goat milk cheese recipe on Friday =) And, yes, with yummy goat milk you can make delicious goat milk cheese! Do you have goats?

    Marlene - this soft cheese is easy to make and fun, too. Hard cheeses take a lot of time, some equipment and a lot more expertise!

    LOL - Lee, I bake all my own bread, too =p Daughter is amazing with what she makes from scratch - she makes the most delicious pasta! and tons of other stuff ;-)
    This cheese is really easy to make.

    Karin - I have only made goat milk cheese - except for this cheese. My friend made cheddar and mozzarella, too - both from cow's milk. Yep - the quality of the milk makes ALL the difference!

    pink - you bet - yogurt counts! I bet you family makes wonderful cheese!

    Jane - there are sooooo many ways to season this cheese! I'll list a bunch in my Friday post =)

  8. Enjoy your cheese. I made home made bread once, that was, like your cheese, a lot of work. I like quick and easy recipes now. lol

  9. hehe - Pam, I have a bread machine. It's way too easy to make bread that way! Just pile in the stuff and it does all the work from kneading to baking!


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