Friday, April 29, 2011

Professional Chicken Shoppers hit the Funtry Friday road!

No doubt about it!  These girls took to "chick shopping" like a duck to water - er, like a chicken to... um... dirt.  Or something like that =p 

Well, a picture (or two or three) is worth a bunch of words - so here you go!  Care to join us on a our trip to the feed store?

Our big adventure!

Awwwww!  Cute little babies!

A little help from big sister.

Don't let them get out of the box on the way home!

Here's your new home!

They're so soft and furry!

Yep!  Chickens are better than TV at any age!

Nice to have a little country fun any day - but especially good when the baby chicks arrive at the feed store! 

Hope you had a Funtry Friday, too!


  1. Wow Kathleen...that was so much fun...thank you for sharing...I always wanted a bunch of little chicks!

  2. BackyardNaturePhotosApril 30, 2011 at 2:25 AM

    When I was their age, a trip like that would have topped Christmas! There's nothing like an animal baby.

  3. How fun, I think everyone loves baby animals. I live on a farm but not the right kind for chickens but if I had a pen and a chicken house it would be full.

  4. Loved sharing the girls and chicks with you!! And I know that Backyard would still think it tops Christmas!!

  5. How cute. When I was little we would get chicks for Easter and we'd raise them until they got too big. We lived in Baltimore City so Dad would take them to someone's farm in the "country" (the county).

  6. You are welcome, Deborah - glad you enjoyed shopping with us!

    I would have loved it, too, Backyard - and with the girls, it was twice as much fun ;-)

    Marlene - yep, no matter where you are, they do need some protection for sure!

    LOL - thanks, Kim! And we do know her well, huh?! hehe!

    How fun, Joann! Our grandparents got us ducks one year - they were really cute. I remember holding one on my lap in my skirt.

  7. What a wonderful adventure you had! Thanks for sharing it with us City Folks!

  8. You are welcome, Grandma Kc! Glad you stopped by to enjoy the fun!

  9. Awww looks like you all had a fun time with the chicks. They are so sweet.

  10. such fun! I wonder what kind you got.

  11. aawww...the chicks are so cute and your helpers even more so!
    Thanks for your convo!

  12. You are welcome, Spendid! Thanks for the comment =) They are very sweet girls! These little chicks are Dominiques and I have not had them before. I like to try different varieties.


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