Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The next best thing to taking an art class is...

Do you love to feed your creative spirit by taking art classes?  Soaking up the new information, watching an instructor share techniques, seeing someone demonstrate exactly how to do "that"...  I do!

But sometimes it just isn't feasible to take a class.  Then, the next best thing to taking an art class is enjoying a wonderful DVD by an artist you admire.  I had a lot of fun today watching a watercolor DVD created by Arleta Pech called "Silver and Brass".

The DVD came with a drawing for a practice painting featuring a silver bowl.

I have traced the very detailed drawing, which is a "road map" for the painting.

I was going to paint along with her today, but I decided to watch the video all the way through first.  That is one thing that you can't do in the classroom!  I can watch this DVD over and over, pause, back up, skip that part, fast forward to the end - hehe - as many times as I want.

Arleta Pech has several DVDs on her web site for both watercolor and oils.  The one that I have has been discontinued, but there are two other gorgeous watercolor painting DVDs. You can find out more information about her by reading her biography.

I am looking forward to painting along with Arleta on her DVD.  I will post some work in progress photographs and share my "paint along" fun with you, too!

How about you?  Have you got a favorite artist DVD in your library?  Share your favorites in the comments!

Happy painting!


  1. Kathy, looks like a fun class. That drawing is definitely detailed. Looking forward to seeing your paint along and finished product.

  2. Aleta's work is so detailed and lovely! I was sad when she switched to oils. It would be great to do a workshop with her but the DVD is the next best thing. I have several dvds and even some tapes that I love.
    Tom Lynch special effects in watercolor on tapes and Watercolor in Motion book and dvd Birgit O'Connor
    I like being able to stop the dvd and try the technique.
    Can't wait to see your wip :D

  3. Thanks. Marlene - It was really fun to watch and I am looking forward to watching it again with brush in hand!

    Lee - I was really sad to see that she is teaching only oils now, too. I used to sell her prints from Mill Pond Press regularly and have admired her work for many years. Her video was very casual and it did make me feel like she was right there.
    I have heard good things about Tom Lynch, too - and I will definitely check out his as well as the O'Connor DVD which I had not heard about. So fun to learn new techniques and see how other artists paint!

  4. That's cool, Kathy! and a great idea! Being able to go at your own pace and to look again at tricky parts is particularly good.
    I'm stoked to be taking some jewelry wire and metal classes at present. I haven't taken any art classes in ages. I'm enjoying the camaraderie.

  5. Kathy-
    I've never seen an art DVD. Never thought to look for one. Great idea! I'll check out the website!

  6. I like watching youtubes! There's something about everything on that tube! My big problem is, something is wrong with my computer (I had a crash a while ago) and I can't open PDF files. So if someone has instructions in PDF, I have to print them out at work. Don't know if videos are PDF or not... {:-D

  7. Splendid - classes are sooooo much fun! I haven't taken any in ages either.

    Linda - when my daughter was in first grade she loved to watch Bob Ross paint. When she had a friend sleep over, they would argue - her friend wanted cartoons and Cynthia wanted Bob Ross! LOL! There are lots of art classes online, too =)

    Yikes, story! Hope you can get your computer fixed! I agree - there are lots of cool videos online!

  8. I always liked watching Bob Ross :-) DVDs are really fun! I think the technique in this DVD sounds very interesting - it reminds me of The Coloured Pencil Solution Book which shows how one can render glass, chrome, etc in pencil crayon. It seems to be all about the colours you don't see.

  9. Purple Pony - I like the Bob Ross videos, too. That book sounds really interesting! I enjoy doing colored pencil drawings - just haven't done any recently.

  10. Have fun with your dvd lesson. Dvd learning is great!

  11. I agree, Pam! I am enjoying the lessons on there.


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