Friday, April 15, 2011

Funtry Friday at the Feed Store

There is lots of fun in the country when the baby chicks arrive at the local feed store!

So many little fuzzy babies to see!

Awwww - and bunnies and ducks, too!

I showed great restraint and only bought these little gals ~

Well, at least for now! 

And what does the peanut, er duck, gallery have to say?

They remained strangely silent, although I thought I saw a smirk on Chuck the Duckin's little face.  He tried to tell his ducky friends that there were other chicken hearts out there, but they wouldn't believe him!

So here, they are - all settled in their new home.

Well, not their permanent home.  Once they have feathers instead of fuzz, I will reclaim the bath tub and move them outside.

For now, though, I am enjoying hearing their little peeps and watching their antics - and keeping them warm and inside.

Hope you had a fun Friday, too!


  1. Awww, how cute! I am a city girl but once when we had moved out of the city for a bit someone gave me a little fuzzy chic...but my Mom made me give it back. I have fond memories of holding that little peeping ball of fuzz.

  2. Oh they are so cute! I wonder if my kitties would let me have some baby chicks too. Hmmm. Bet they'd like them a little too much!

  3. They're so adorable Kathy :-) I would find it hard to resist too!

  4. They are fun to cuddle, Wax!

    Ummm... Beaded, I'm thinking that could be a friendship with a few trials =p

    Purple - I don't know how long I can resist... *roflol*

  5. BackyardNaturePhotosApril 16, 2011 at 12:38 AM

    Awwww, so cute...awww, so tiny....awww, I want some....awww, I'd end up hating all my raccoons. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Oh my Goodness, aren't they just adorable.

  7. They are adorable. I love going to the feed store this time of year and seeing all the babies. There is a distinct smell at the feed store as I am sure you know and just looking at the pictures brought that smell to me. I need to go look at babies.

  8. Easter brings to mind all the baby ducks,chicks and bunnies my friends used to get. I was never allowed any critters with fur or feathers so I'd enjoy theirs. Cute little critters Kathy!

  9. bwahahahaha! Ahem. Yes, Backyard. That is just about the way it would go....

    Carole - they are so cute! Looking forward to sharing the fun with my grandgirls, too.

    So true, Marlene! Such a fun mix of sweet feed and little critters. I like to see all the colors and patterns on the babies - very pretty!

    Thanks, Lee! Glad you had the chance to enjoy them when you were little. It's really fun to see all the different babies at the feed store!

  10. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! I am actually allowed to have up to 5 hens here in the city, but since I have a boatload of feral/stray cats that we TNR'd I am thinking it's not such a good idea. Dang. I remember getting a chickie at Easter time from the fine folks at Kiddie Land (remember that place?) and my Mom insisting that it would have a MUCH better life at Grandma Howard's farm. Double Dang. Every time I would visit Grandma Howard after that I would ask which chickie was mine and she would always point it out. Funny how that chickie was a baby chickie forever! I guess I forgot about my favorite meal at Grandma's - fried chicken! I never did connect the dots there.

  11. oh my gosh, how cute! I sure hope they are for eggs only, lol!
    what darling little critters. One day I want to own chickens too

  12. *roflol* Karin - I do remember Kiddie Land =p Nana and Granddaddy got us ducks one year. They flew away.... ahem. Crazy that you can own chickens - my neighbors in Phx. got 'busted' for their 4 hens because they were "too noisy". The gave up the hens and got four dogs... Large dogs!

    They are for eggs only, pink! Waiting to see what color eggs the will be laying =)

  13. I'm hoping to have some hatch here this year. I'm missing my rabbits,too, I got rid of all of them about 3 years ago. I saw some at Tractor supply last week....hmmm

  14. oooh, Kathy I want some of those!!!
    Hubby keeps telling me, "don't think that is a good idea with all the Racs, possums and fruit rats we have", He's probably right, but it would be fun! I love your blog.

  15. Kathy they are all so adorable! Must be nice having a farm with all the lovely animals.

  16. Beantree - I have had several 'hatchings' - lol - it's true, Banties will set ALL the time if you let them!

    Sandy - We have a lot of coyotes here, so our chicken coops have to have a certain amount of 'security'. I have friends who put a concrete floor in their coop and made it so you can close and latch all the doors. The have racoons in the area. They are lots of fun, but in some areas they have to be kept a bit more confined to be safe.

    Johnnie - it is lots of fun! I'm glad my 'farm' is only five acres! LOL - that's enough work for me ;-)

  17. Awwwww so sweet. Have fun with your new babies!

  18. They are fun! Little feathers are replacing baby fuzz =)


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