Friday, March 25, 2011

I am soooo going to create scarcity! Funtry Friday revenge!

It is definitely Spring around here - even if the temperature doesn't say it is.  I hear the meadowlarks in the morning singing in between the melodious guineas calling to one another.  There is not always ice on the water tanks *woohoo*. 

And the tumbleweeds are migrating...

I have seen some people selling these things online.  I want to know how they manage to ship them.  Are they selling a 10 inch tumbleweed and shipping a 40 inch one?  I figure that's about what you would have left after all the shipping guys tossed it around...

Anyway, I am going to help out all those enterprising people and create some scarcity here.  I mean, really - the tumbleweeds have provoked me.  Seriously.  This is was my gate.

Notice that little bare bones weed in the front.  It's not a tumbleweed.  I think the tumbleweeds ate it and spit out the bones.

Really.  I have to drive somewhere and these dudes are ganging up on me.

Okay - I am going to make a path! 

Ouch.  I'm not tossing any more of you to safety.  Prepare to meet my truck you varmits!

Take that, you - you - you WEEDS.

Yeah.  I drove to town, but I couldn't get away from them.  They ate half the road.  Chomp*chomp*chomp... and spit out some pot holes... 

Single lane of traffic here unless you want to disappear for a couple of weeks.  I'm telling you - those tumbleweeds are getting scary.

I'm wondering what I'll find in the back yard when they migrate to parts unknown.  Like a car or another horse... a couple of extra goats?  Or maybe a gate...  I wasn't planning on using this one anyway.  It might be nice to be able to use the water faucet though...

Yeah, I don't care how pretty they look in the sunset...

I'm going to create some scarcity - so look out, tumbleweeds!

Hope you had a fun Friday - it's always a Funtry Friday out here in the country!  Drop by anytime - just kick the tumbleweeds out of your way...



  1. Wow! Kathy ~ I think if I were ever surrounded by that many tumbleweeds, I wouldn't be so fond of them.

  2. BackyardNaturePhotosMarch 26, 2011 at 4:17 AM

    It's giving me the we're getting into the Twilight Zone!! I certainly hope your truck did a good job on them.

  3. LOL, That is sooo funny. I can see the movie now "Invasion of the Tumbleweeds" or "Tumbleweed Terror". It is a good thing you have a sense of humor about them, I think I would cry.

  4. Didn't Alfred Hitchcock do a movie about this? Yikes! They are kind of large. Being tackled by these in a wind storm could really hurt. Where do they go? Is there a tumbleweed migration? :D

  5. Linda - I have a vacant lot across the street and one next to me. They seem to want to take up residence with me =p Pesky little (big!) things! LOL!

    mwwhahhah - I have further plots against them, too, Backyard! Hopefully before I'm 10 feet deep in them *rolls eyes*

    Marlene *roflol* "Tumbleweeds from Mars"!

    Lee - LOL! I think he must have - people just relate to birds better ;-)
    The wind blows a LOT at this time of year and what happens is that they stack up against the fence and then, when the wind blows, they climb over the fence on the backs of their buddies and then bounce until the wind stops or they hit another fence with no buddies to give them a lift. When the wind blows like that, I am inside =p LOL!

  6. That is one thing I definitely do NOT miss about living in New Mexico - the tumbleweeds! They are road hazards, and since my house backed up to an arroyo they totally filled my back yard every year. The people there made snowmen out of them - I guess it is akin to the lemons/lemonade thing! Anyway, thanks for the memories!

  7. Haha - Karin - they make snowmen out of them here, too, complete with white paint. I am soooo not keeping these until Christmas! *roflol* I think the wind blew some from NM - 'course I think I sent some back there when the wind changed =p I am totally glad that I am a 'flatlander' out here!

  8. Kathy you are hilarious!
    I've never seen them in person, and I think they look awesome! How fun to see these things flying around the landscape, lol!
    Wow, you live in a very cool place, looks like a desert like area?
    So different from where I live.
    I wish I could afford to travel the world and see all the amazing to be broke :-(

  9. Betty - It is a 'high desert' here. There are cactus and other desert plants, but we still get snow and ice. It's not as hot as the Phoenix desert. LOL - it is fun to watch them - from inside! I like to 'travel' around the world on the internet. It's fun to see what different places look like. Thanks - glad you enjoyed the tumbleweed fun!

  10. LOL That is a lot of tumbleweeds. Hope you can clean some one day!

  11. Well, so far, Pam, the wind has done most of the cleaning!


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