Friday, March 4, 2011

Did you hear THAT??? Totally Funtry Friday!

Seriously!  Listen - can't you hear that?  What? oh...  yeah.  You are on the other side of blogland and you can't hear that beautiful sound.  Well, what I am hearing is the sound of SPRING!  It's the lovely song of a Meadowlark!

Well, and I hear the wind blowing like crazy, but that is also a sound of Spring around here.

In addition to the sounds of Spring, there are some sights of Spring, too.  I am so excited!  LOOK!  something green!

Yeah.  I know it's just some random weed and probably neither the goat or the horses will eat it, but it's green not brown!  It's alive, not crisp!

And check this out!  This is really exciting, too ~

What?  Well, it's hair.  Lots of hair!  Hey - shedding horses are a sure sign that Spring is beginning!

Just in case you need a little more proof...

There!  More proof!
Huh?  Well, that's my goat, Bethie.  More accurately, that is the top of her neck.  She's kind of busy eating, but that's not a sign of Spring.  That's a sign that she's a goat.

She's shedding, too!  That is definitely a sign that Spring is upon us!

Time to get out of the house and go visiting.

Forrest hasn't ventured too far off the porch because it was sooooo cold and icy.  Billie Jane hasn't been out front either because it was so muddy.  So here they are, finally having a nice visit.

Oh, yeah.  And another sign of Spring...

The tumbleweeds are on the move...

Happy Spring Funtry Friday!


  1. BackyardNaturePhotosMarch 5, 2011 at 2:44 AM

    This is so much fun. Tumbleweed on the move still reminds me of the Outer Limits. Billie Jane & Forrest, how sweet is that. Look at the happy cat, tail straight up. Life is good, isn't it.

  2. Fun post Kathy, Love the picture of Billie Jane and Forrest, it is so sweet.

  3. LOL - Backyard, I wish the tumbleweeds would go to the outer limits =p Glad you like the picture - they really do like each other.

    Thanks, Marlene! Took me quite a while to get used to that odd friendship of horse and cat. Really is fun to watch!

    Totally, Lee! It's even supposed to get up to 70F next week!!! Wooohooooo!!!!

  4. Oh Kathleen..I love the one with Billie Jean and capture something so sweet and innocent!

  5. you are too funny! the picture perfect photo of forrest and billie jane is adorable! what great pals! i am so ready for spring but really the only sign i have is the snow is melting - waiting to see the green!

  6. Thanks, Deborah ~ Forrest is quite the character! You might like this post of Forrest and Hershey, too!

    Pat - I am soooo ready for spring, too! Photographing the animals is lots of fun. Search my blog for "Forrest" for more of her antics!

  7. It is fun! Hope you enjoyed seeing more of Forrest's antics =)

  8. Always fun at your place!

    Oh how I love Meadowlarks, we get the western variety here. I have begun hearing birds outside my windows last few days and yesterday was warm enough for a nice walk, so I took one.

  9. Pam - how wonderful! Hearing the birds singing really starts my day off beautifully. So nice that you have 'walking weather' again!


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