Friday, February 18, 2011

Not exactly the soaring eagle... airborne Funtry Friday!

Not a sleek flying machine, but it's surprising how high and how far guinea fowl can fly.  Check this out ~

Lookie here - this one got all the way up to the roof of my little hay barn and that's pretty high.  You should hear the racket inside when they tap dance up there!  And, because I am a bit weird, it makes me laugh to hear it ;-)

Okay, here we are - scoping out a possible launch site...  Apparently the chicken coop roof looks pretty good.

And.... tada!  Airborne - albeit briefly...

Now that is a LOT of frantic flapping going on there - trust me - and a few feathers are flying in all directions, too.  No wonder there is always an abundance of feathers for the grandkiddos to pick up!

Oh, and speaking of Mikayla and Naomi, I think I may have won the goathead race...

Nice, huh...  We'll have to check with them to see if they agree since they invented the game when they were visiting me.  Check out this Funtry Friday blog post to see all the games they invented!

One thing for sure, there's nothing quite like a great country sunset!

It's a wonderful way to end a Funtry Friday!  Hope you had a great day, too.



  1. BackyardNaturePhotosFebruary 18, 2011 at 8:05 PM

    I'm sure watching guineas didn't give Orville & Wilbur any ideas.
    Wonderful sunset!

  2. Fun post, Love seeing your farm through your pictures.

  3. It's so interesting at your place :D
    Lovely sunset, too!

  4. I love the guinea fowl - where there's a will, there's a way :-) Birds can be so optimistic!

  5. No doubt about that, Backyard!

    Thanks, Marlene =) I enjoy sharing the country fun!

    Thanks, Lee - it keeps me busy!

    Purple Pony - oh, so very true! They are such fun birds =)

  6. Ahhh fun with the guinea fowl. lol And what a beautiful sunset!

  7. Pam - they are funny when they fly - and it takes them a long time to decide to fly, too. Thanks! We have some spectacular ones around here.


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