Sunday, February 27, 2011

How fast can a rabbit eat lettuce?

How fast can a rabbit munch a piece of lettuce?  Does "inhale" conjure up an image?

Watching this was rather like watching someone "slurp" spaghetti - only without the noise and the flying sauce.  However, there was a lot of finesse and exhuberance - and a definite excited enjoyment!

Made me think that I ought to take a little lesson from Benny Bunny.  I need to stop and enjoy the blessings that are right in front of me with this same sense of joy and excitement.  After all, you can only get out of life what your attitude puts into it. 

This was, after all lettuce but Benny's attitude toward lettuce is a bit different than my attitude toward lettuce.  *winks*

Time for me to adjust my attitude and wander off to check out the roses - and the lettuce.  How about you?


Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!
Psalm 34:8


  1. Aww, Benny is cute! is snow typical in your part of the country?
    I love rabbits, used to have the sweetest one when I was young. He loved pasta, lol!

  2. Finding excitement in life makes it all worth while :)
    Even if it is about lettuce...LOL!

  3. Looks like it tasted like "more"!
    Savor the moment :D

  4. What a beautiful rabbit! I can picture Benny slurping. My son had a rabbit in college. A local pet store sold him what should have been a dwarf bunny...but Bunny grew and grew, guessed it...he was no longer a dwarf bunny (if he ever was). He loved his carrots and lettuce.

  5. Beautiful rabbit in the beautiful snow. Didn't know they could live in the snow, but just realized how dumb that is... ok, off to enjoy some lettuce!

  6. A beautiful black rabbit--I love rabbits and have a large collection of non living ones. When little kids come we go all around and count the rabbits, we have a lot of little brown guys here--they like our lettuce, but we don't mind!

  7. The Lord is GOOD! and my attitude could always use an adjustment! Thanks for the reminder!!!

  8. How fun, pink! Wow, I didn't know they would eat pasta. We get a bit of snow but it melts pretty fast.

    Very true, memories!

    Lee, I am not sure how much he could eat at once! LOL! He certainly savored the lettuce moment ;-)

    Thank you, Judy! LOL - I had a miniature schnauzer who was huge. The vet said that she really was a miniature due to her build and conformation, but she was the size of a standard. We must know how to feed our critters ;-)

    Thanks, ReRe - I have seen him out in the rain, too. He has a large area where he had dug a huge hole under a little house, but sometimes he just prefers to be outside. He has a very nice, thick, soft coat.

    Thank you, Sandy =) the last time my granddaughters came, Mikayla and Naomi spent a lot of time in the rabbit home!

    Thanks, Linda - He is good! and me, too! and you are welcome ;-)

  9. Benny is a very handsome bunny! I need to adjust my attitude these days too so thanks for the lesson Benny Bunny!

  10. What a sweet bunny...he kind of eats like my hubby :P

  11. Thanks, Beaded ;-) Benny Bunnys says "You're welcome!"

    *ROFLOL* TiLT - your hubby slurps lettuce, too? hehe ;-)

  12. Note to self: Stop and eat the lettuce :P

  13. roseworks ~ ;-) May Benny will share!

  14. Ahem... yeah, I can spell - lol - roseworks, that should be *Maybe* Benny will share!


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