Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Confessions of a brush-aholic...

What can I say?  I get whiplash in the brush section of the art store.  Not only that, but I'm so bad that I get whiplash in the brush section of the hardware store.  Brushes...  ahhhhhh.... 

Here are a few of my favorite brush friends.

Yes, I know, I said a few.  Okay, really - some people buy shoes.  I buy brushes.  It works out to be about the same except that sometimes I go barefoot.

Each of these brushes has it's own personality, too - it's own 'dance' on the paper. 

Here - I'll show you!  Take a look at this brush - the Yarka No. 4 Siberian Squirrel brush (3rd from the top in the picture ^^^^ up there).

Funky, fluffy hair - until you get it wet.

Ooohhh, la la la la!  Hey - these are watercolor brushes *winks* so it does take water to bring out the best 'dance steps'!  This baby holds a LOT of water, can lay down a big wash, and yet has a 'tip toe' point.  Kind of the ballet shoes in the brush closet.

Let the 'dance' begin!  Here comes that big wash...

and, now it is time for the quiet little tip toe!

Technically, these are not called 'ballet slippers' they are called 'cats tongue' brushes, and they come in lots of sizes.

These are Silver Rennaissance Sable Cats Tongue brushes in sizes 6, 4, and 1.  Does the little tiny size 1 German brush perform the same way as the whompin' big Russian brush?  You bet!

Bitsy brush spreads out...

...and then dances on a teeny tiny tip toe!

These little cats tongue brushes have to be my absolute favorites for detail work.  They are so easy to control and they hold a LOT of paint.  Wonderful for all those manes and tails that seem to appear on my watercolor paper!

If you've never tried one before, it's the perfect excuse to go visit your local art store.  Just remember to ask for cats tongue brushes...  not ballet slippers!

Happy painting!

PS  Check this out for some fancy 'foot work' - a little 'piroet' by each of the four brushes featured here.

Grab your dance partner and have some fun!


  1. Grab my partner? I'd never do a good as you with my partner! But, then, it is fun trying!

  2. Just love it!! I am the same way with beads, soda cans and paints!!
    Actually, truth betold, I am addicted to most art supplies! Forget the shoes, give me something I can create with and I'm in Heaven!
    I really enjoyed how you described your brushes like dance partners, I totally agree!

  3. I love your collection. I have 2 myself - one for acrylics and one for oil. The worst thing is a brush sale.....

  4. Kathy ~ great feature, and wonderful to see all your brushes and the kinds of washes and strokes you can get with them ... almost a brush tutorial ... hmmm ... perhaps you can think of doing one. : )

  5. BackyardNaturePhotosFebruary 3, 2011 at 5:39 AM

    Why do I get the feeling an alarm would sound if anyone raided your paint brushes? I'll second what Linda said.

  6. Brushes are not a luxury - they are a necessity. I love my cat's tongue and I have one squirrel wash brush that is the best thing since sliced bread.

  7. That dance looks pretty fun...and pretty, well, pretty :)

  8. I really like your poetic explanation of your brushes, Mama! Sweet, winsome post. :)

  9. I love the personalities you assign to your brushes. I guess each form of art has its own "characters!"

  10. Awww - thanks, Linda P. =)

    Thanks, tkdesigns!

    LOL - totally true, Martha!

    Definitely, Linda - thanks for the encouragement!

    Thanks and hehe - you are right, Backyard - mwhahhaha!

    So true, Marlene - can't paint without brushes! Can't paint good without good brushes ;-)

    Thanks, TiLT - it is fun ;-)

    Awwww - thanks, dear daughter! Love you!

    Oh, so very true, Judy! We just need to let those on the other side of the art form know that!

  11. How interesting to see the brushes that help get your creativity on to paper!

  12. OMG Kathy, I'm the same way. One time I was in an art supply store stroking the brushes and she said what are you doing? I said caressing the brushes. I love them so much....I have hundreds of dollars in brushes!

  13. Great post! I'm looking for a brush with good spring and a good point. I wish the art supply stores would provide a brush you could try out! I'll need to remember your info next time out.

  14. Thanks, Pam - glad you enjoyed it =)

    *roflol* Joann! And all those brushes have a wonderful home ;-)

    dora - Some art stores don't let you test brushes *sigh* Mine is not a chain - it's locally owned. For a brush with some spring and good point, I like a synthetic and sable blend. The synthetic fibers add a little spring to the great sable watercolor hair. Another hint - buy the best brush that you can afford. It really does make a difference!

  15. How fun, I love brushes. Thanks for sharing you fav. brushes with us. Cats Tongue, I won't forget that any time soon.
    Happy Painting

  16. Brenda - once you use one, you will have a new favorite brush, too ;-)


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