Friday, February 4, 2011

The amazing Mrs. Chicken ~ Funtry Friday!

Check this out!
That's an egg!!!! 

What?  You aren't excited about this egg?  Well, how about these eggs ~

Here are four lovely large green eggs!  Four amazing lovely large green eggs!!!

Huh?  What's so amazing?  Well, they were all laid by my lovely little hen, Christmas Two, this week!  Isn't she pretty?

Pretty ~ and pretty amazing, too!  My amazing Mrs. Chicken is (as near as I can figure) 14 years old.  Ummm... in chicken years, that is really old!  Old enough to be waaaaaaaayyyyy past laying eggs... 

Almost as old as Matilda.  Ummm....  who was Matilda?  Well, she was the first chicken to receive the title of World's Oldest Living Chicken from Guinness World Records.  Find out more about her on Wikipedia.  Most chickens, according to Wikipedia, live to be 7 or 8 years old. 

****Whoa****  See ~ she is my amazing Mrs. Chicken!  She hadn't produced any eggs since summer, so I considered her 'retired from laying eggs'.  Then she surprised me with four eggs this week!  I would still have thought that she was pretty amazing even if she hadn't laid any eggs ~ but now I think she is twice as amazing.

So are you happy I didn't show you any ice this Funtry Friday?  Or are you missing it?  Okay ~ if you are tired of all the 'ice whining', close your eyes!

The wind blew so hard that it froze the water in wave patterns!

This is about eight inches of ice frozen in layers over two days.
Okay - you can open your eyes, now! 

Hope you enjoyed this eggs-citing news from the fowl weather country!

Hunker down and stay warm!  Happy weekend!


  1. Yes you have an amazing Chicken! Stay warm.

  2. Wow...that is pretty amazing! You better get ahold of may have a new record!

  3. BackyardNaturePhotosFebruary 5, 2011 at 7:36 AM

    Way to go Mrs. Chicken. There's one way to stay warm!!

  4. Wow, is she really 14? I had no idea chickens could live that long, it's good to know. I do hope to one day have my own for egg laying, and as pets only.
    How wonderful to find some eggs unexpectedly. That's an added bonus

    stay warm :-)

  5. Okay - this little lady presented me with another egg today! Wow! She is such a good hen =)

    Marlene - I do! It was warmer today which was really nice.

    memories - LOL!

    Backyard - totally!

    pink - I didn't know how long they lived either until I looked it up for this blog post. My chickens have always been both pets and egg producers. I haven't 'pushed' the egg production like some people do - just fed them well and let them lay eggs on a more natural schedule. I have always gotten enough eggs and my chickens have often lived very long lives.

  6. 14??!!! Wow! impressive! and such beautiful eggs, too!

  7. Kathleen- I LOVE your sense of humor! You make me laugh! and . . I am jealous that you get to live in the country and have 'country' things/chickens and frozen water buckets! My hearts desire is to live in the country again; so, for now, I will live the country life vicariously thru your blog!!!!!
    Linda (Abby)

  8. Totally, Splendid!

    hehe -Linda - I will gladly share the country fun and critter tales - lol - but recommend you skip the ice whacking =p

    She is, roseworks!

  9. My word, that chicken IS amazing! That would be like me having a baby! (Don't even want to think about that one, lol.)

    And I have never, ever, seen water freeze in waves. wow.

  10. *roflol* Anitra - she laid another egg yesterday! LOL!
    I had never seen the ice freeze in waves either - that was a really cold wind!

  11. Congratulations on the eggs! Good Job Mrs. Chicken! lol

  12. *roflol* Pam, I think she thinks it's Spring - she presented me with another egg today!

  13. As of today, Feb. 25, I now have 16 eggs! Time to do some baking ;-)


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