Friday, January 21, 2011

Simple pleasures... Funtry Friday!

Mikayla, Naomi and I have been enjoying the simple pleasures of having fun 'country style'!

Nothing quite like the morning guinea song!  Naomi likes it way better than TV.

Care to join us at the petting zoo?  Benny likes the attention!

Want to join the girls for a spin around the ice rink?  What is it about kids and puddles?  Even frozen ones!

If you want a little exercise, you can join the 'ice crew' as they pound away and break up all the ice on the water barrels.  No worries - the blue glove on the ground didn't get lost.  I just got soaked =p
On the recreational side, you can join in the goathead race.  Race around the yard and whoever ends up with the most goatheads in their shoes wins.  *lol*  Or you can take a turn at the slide!  Just the right size for a 'little' thrill!

For a field trip, how about traveling to Costco where they have everything - including snow!
At the end of the day, there is nothing quite like relaxing and checking out your feather collection.  Ahem... each one of Naomi's feathers has a name - and a distinct personality!

And what are Mama and Daddy doing?
Meeting 'Baby E' for the first time! 
Hope you are having as much fun as we are!


  1. OH! Fun,fun,fun! And look at that sweet little brown hand!
    I'm happy for you all :o)

    xoxo, Daff

  2. What a sweet post! Thanks for sharing with us :)


  3. Read this earlier, had coffee, now I am back to comment.
    The girls look adorable and like they are having a ball with grandma.
    That is a very sweet photo of baby E's hand. If they are making a scrapbook for her that should be on the cover.

  4. What a great day full of adventures!
    The girls are sweet! Love the hand photo :)

  5. Ohhh!! Kisses for that little brown hand! I love your "ice rink." And, psst - what's a goathead?

  6. what a fun time you are having! cute little girls, I'm sure they keep you on your toes. Very sweet photo of baby E with her new mom and dad :-)

  7. Thanks, Daffy! I think so, too =)

    Thanks, Anastasia!

    Thanks, Marlene! That is a great idea!

    Thank you, Lee!

    Thanks, v+s =) LOL - icky weeds!

    Thanks, pink! They are keeping me hopping, but it is lots of fun!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. I kno you are counting the minutes.

  9. Totally, Kim! as well as having a ton of fun with Mikayla and Naomi!

  10. Totally true, Anitra! They are a blessing, indeed!

  11. Looks like you are all having a fun time. Oh and that last picture of baby E's hand, precious.

  12. Thanks, Pam =) Non stop fun with the girls!

  13. Awwww! I missed this post, on account of meeting Sophia (formerly only known as Baby E)! What precious photos, Mama!

  14. Glad you liked them, Cynthia! You are officially excused, since you were at such an important 'meeting'! I had a lot of fun putting this post together =)

  15. OMG! What precious hands!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely beautiful grandchildren!

  16. Thank you, Splendid! Just what a Grammy loves to hear ;-)


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