Friday, January 14, 2011

One last ice cube... Funtry Friday

*Whew* all this ice and snow... Only one last big old hunk of ice to remove ~ 

And, at last!  It sits on a lovely bed of...

...horsey road apples!  Fitting demise for that rascally chunk of ice.

Hey, after all this hard work in the cold outdoors I'm whooped so I'll be right back.  Going for some hot chocolate.  Ya want a cup?

***********Ahem.  This is your Dog on the Farm, Lova, taking over this blog post to bring in a little reality here!**************

Our hoomanbean has been just a little bit obsessed with ice lately.  I think you need to see what us fourple foots think about all of her whining.  Me?  I hasn't seen much ice for a week so I can't figure out what the big deal is. 

Let's see what Cookie thinks ~

Ummm...  Well, maybe we'll go talk to someone else.  She's a little, well... odd - on a good day. 

Ahem, okay, well let's go look at that gianormous ice throne our bean was all amazed about.

Do you need a microscope to see it?  Just about.  Huh.  I don't see anything to whine about here.

Wonder what Billie Jane thinks...

*nom chomp nom nom* 
"Ice?  I like the frosted look myself. 
Gives a little contrast to my lovely red tresses."

There, you see - Billie Jane thinks ice is no big deal.  'Course she did come from Colorado...

Let's go see what Bethie thinks.  After all, that was her big old barrel of water that had the last chunk of ice in it.

"Is this edible?  Or should I just butt it?"

Well, I guess I should have figured that a goat would have that reaction.  But, seriously, she obviously doesn't care that it's ice.

Okay, I know that there are a lot of cat people out there, and, though I am not fascinated by them (ahem, dog's rule, you know!), we do have an opinionated feline in residence.

Introducing Forrest, THE Queen of all Cats (she made me say that) ~


Ummmm, I am pretty sure that 'meh' means I don't give a hoot about ice.  Or maybe it just means I don't give a hoot *period*.  Hard to tell with a cat.

Well, there you go.  What do you think?  Do you agree that our hoomanbean was really whiny about a few tiny little bits of ice and wet stuff?  We thinks so!

Ah, oh - here she comes with her hot chocolate.  I had better go pretends to be sleeping. 
*********This is Lova, your Dog on the Farm, signing off for now!**********

Hey, what happened here?  Oh, while I went to get my hot chocolate, they have been at it again...
You guys - no don't WAIT! not "publish post"!  NOOoooooo...............

Blessings from the hoomanbean, too ;-)


  1. Bwahahaha!!!
    Tell Lova, "Well done!".

  2. ;-) I have such talented doggies! She says 'Thank you *slurp*'

  3. LOL, love Lova's perspective on things.

  4. Add Harley to the list of ones that like the ice...he could be outide all day long!
    Me...I'm with you Kathy! Not an ice lover either!

  5. Well I love a different point of view! Lova types and spells very well. One smart dog!

  6. <..>
    Thank yous all! Doggies always sees things good. And Harley can come plays anytimes!


    PS I ate the dictionary - it had lotses of good words in it
    I read bunches of them before I munched.

  7. BackyardNaturePhotosJanuary 16, 2011 at 3:40 AM

    Lova, what a little stinker you are. So nice to meet you.

  8. <..>
    and yous too, Backyard. I hears you has lots of critters there, too. A doggie nose such things!

  9. Lol! Okay, you know what made me cold? It wasn't the ice chunk. It was the frost all over everything! I'd be whining, too. I think you should tell the fourple foots you'll stop whining when you grow a permanent fur coat!

  10. Aha! Ani, now I have the right answer for them! I agree - frozen ground every morning really added to the frosty feeling.

  11. That's awesome having the animals post!

  12. LOL You always make me laugh Kathy. Such a cute post!

  13. LOL - Thanks! - Rose, sometimes those little rascals just start typing!

    Thanks, Pam =) Glad you enjoyed it!


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