Sunday, January 9, 2011

A long ago beginning...

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to grow up to be a cowgirl. She surrounded herself with horses. Horse pictures, horse toys, horse books, horse note cards, and lots of horse dreams.

She grew up but she never outgrew her love for horses. She kept her horse pictures, horse toys, horse books, horse note cards, horse dreams and she added lots of horse drawings, more horse toys, more horse books, more horse pictures and more horse dreams to her collection.

One day she moved to a place where she could have her horses. So she did! She still kept her horse pictures, horse toys, horse books, horse note cards, and horse drawings but she also began to live her horse dreams. And she helped her daughter to have a few horse dreams, too! Pretty soon there were other little girls who were having horse dreams. They liked to play with Grammy’s toys and read her books, but mostly they liked to pet her horses.

Sometimes after that all grown up little girl is finished petting, brushing, playing with and cleaning up after her horses, she likes to sit down and look at her horse pictures, horse toys, horse books, and her horse note cards. One day when she was looking at her horse note cards, she noticed a very interesting thing. The title of the beautiful artwork that she had admired all these years and the name of the artist of the beautiful artwork were on the back of the card.

“The Appaloosa Family” by George Phippen

The very same George Phippen for whom the Phippen Museum in Prescott, Arizona, is named.

The rest of the story? Well, this all grown up little girl worked for a frame shop in Prescott where she met and became friends with Louise Phippen, wife of the late George Phippen. She framed lots of pictures for her including some artwork by George Phippen.

And she still has her horse pictures, horse toys, horse books, horse drawings - and her horse note cards with the beautiful picture of the artwork by George Phippen - as well as her wonderful horses.


'For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD,
'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29:11


  1. Kathleen....this was a delight to read. All little girls should have dreams. And as we get bigger so should our dreams. Don't ever stop dreaming. I am afraid that the young ones today do not know what it is to dream. Ummmm! Perhaps we need to nurture that in them?

  2. Kathy, loved this post so sweet and sentimental. It is funny what a small world we live in, those note cards will always be a treasure for you.

  3. It is so amazing to follow your dreams and see where life leads you!
    Great, that you were able to keep those items from your childhood, too.

  4. Thanks, Kim! I agree. We need to turn off the TV and pass out the books and encourage children to use their imaginations to dream big. In fact, maybe we need to do that for some adults, too - and let them join in the dreams!

    Thanks, Marlene - that is exactly what I thought, too. It was really fun to discover who the artist was and that I had actually framed some of his artwork.

    Lee - so true! We never know where those paths lead and how often they cross each other! I am fortunate to have a lot of family and personal treasures. We did not move very often.

  5. I love that story and am so happy that it had a happy ending...of course, I wouldn't expect anything less from a story from you! So glad your dreams came true! xo Vicki

  6. Beautifully said, as always. :) Made me smile.


  7. How interesting. Glad you've been following your dreams!

  8. Wonderful.
    Thank you, Kathy, for sharing that with us!

  9. Sunday is a good day to catch up and see the wonderful work of artists that I follow.

    Thanks for sharing, it's wonderful to follow your heart...

  10. wow, that's really a coincidence! It's so nice for you to be living your dream. Makes me shiver inside! {:-D

  11. BackyardNaturePhotosJanuary 9, 2011 at 8:15 PM

    Thank you for sharing your story. How wonderful to cross paths with Louise Phippin and become friends.

  12. Loved your story and how wonderful that your dreams came full circle! Dreams do come true!

  13. Vicki - I have been richly blessed by the Lord in this area of my life!!! (((hugs and prayers)))

    Awwww - glad it made you smile, Anastasia! Think of you often and send a little prayer up for you!

    Thanks, Pam! Glad you are following your digital dreams now!

    Silverlight - you are welcome! My pleasure to share this =)

    jcsvisuals - Thank you! And you are welcome =) I agree - it is wonderful to follow your heart!

    storybeader - *big smile* Thanks! Hope you are living your dream, too =)

    It was neat, Jane - She was a very dynamic person and we had some fun visits.

    In deed they do, BeadedTail! Hope yours are coming true, too =)

  14. Kathy ~ thanks so much for sharing such an intimate part of yourself. You really made that little girl come to life, and now I can see her in the grown up. And I'm glad she kept all her horse toys, horse books, horse pictures and horse dreams. And I am also glad that she does her horse paintings.

  15. I think sometimes when we grow up, we lose what we had when we were little. I wish everyone could keep the magic and dreams of childhood. You did! And if you hold onto things that you love, it's like a magnet, and more is drawn to you.

    Delightful to read about.

  16. I love these small moments when it seems the world and its details have come together. I hope we never stop dreaming and reaching for them.

  17. It really is a small world isn't it :) Great story :)

  18. You are welcome, Pam =)

    Oh, Linda - what a sweet comment! Thank you =)

    tamdoll - I thank the Lord that He has blessed me so richly in this area of my life! Not all my dreams have 'come true', but I think that this is one that I have allowed to grow with me and to mature as I became an adult. The one thing that hasn't changed is my love for these remarkable animals! Thank you for your lovely comment =)

    Me, too, Erika! Hope you are dreaming and reaching, too =)

    memories - I was totally amazed! Thanks! Glad you liked my little story =)

  19. That's so wonderful and the quote is perfect!

  20. Thanks, Splendid! Glad you enjoyed this =)


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