Friday, January 7, 2011

It's melting! I'm freezing... Happy first 2011 Funtry Friday!

I am beginning to wonder if I did slip through the wardrobe and land in the snowy world of Narnia.  It is really winter here!  I have been busy chipping ice and hauling water and, well, freezing all my parts north and south.  Brrrrrr!

First we had snow...

And a lot of wind.  Usually my little (I know - very messy!) pile of wood on my porch is all high and dry.  Not this time... It was wetter than what was under the tarp!

And then it got cold.  Like really cold - like -5 F (-21 C) at 6 AM.  Okay, if you think that -20 F  is a heat wave, don't tell me.  You will only cause me to have a major whine attack...  Anyway, did you know that water will turn to ice when it is that cold?

This could be evidence for the Narnia theory...  Doesn't it look like an ice throne?  C'mon - work with me here!  LOL!

Actually, I had a tub of water that froze so solid that I couldn't break the ice.  When I dumped it, this little throne appeared.  Nice place to sit if you get tired of making your feet cold while walking in the icy slush on the way to the next batch of ice that used to be water...

Ooooo...  nice ice.....

Ice that must be whacked and smashed and removed... Well, here we go!  There's my smashing tool - highly technical, don't you think?  And that would be the ice.  Lots of it....

One 2 x 4 and a lot of exercise - and voila!

Oh, look - a helper!  Well, she is moving a few of those little leftover pieces around.  Yep, that was about 6 inches of ice on the horse tank.  Ummm.... 15 cm.  Half a foot.  No matter how you say it, that was a lot of ice.  Fortunately it wasn't as solid as the smaller water barrels.

And what about the little chickies?  Well, here is their ice cube that I finally removed after a couple of balmy 40F days.

The hose finally thawed a couple of days ago, too, so now I don't have to bucket the little flock water.  Woohoooo!

But check this out ~

The 'throne' is still there!

Now, what about that ginormous chunk of ice in the goat water barrel...  Wonder how long it is going to take for that to melt.  Until then, it will be time for a few more little water buckets out there...

As for me, I want to enjoy the view from inside - preferably with a cup of hot chocolate!  It was pretty when it snowed.

And especially nice when viewed from a cozy warm house! 

Hope you are having a hot chocolate day - with not too much ice and snow!



  1. I had to get a blanket and cover up just reading your post! Oh man is it cold there!!! I thought I was roughing it here in Florida. (Ha! I see you making that your a little snot face at me, lol). We have all been complaining around here about the cold, but I guess I'm going to stop now...Wow.

  2. BackyardNaturePhotosJanuary 8, 2011 at 5:32 AM

    One more Floridian trying to stay warm while reading your latest "ice-capade". What a challenge!!

  3. As usual, you manage to see the funny side of life! Love the Narnia throne but bet it was a bit difficult getting it out of the tub. -5F? I don't think we have ever had temps that low...not sure but I will no longer whine about 25F. Snow is supposed to be coming our way Sunday, Monday and Tuesday...5 inches maybe. Stay warm and enjoy the cocoa! xo Vicki

  4. Kathy, I froze just reading and looking at your post. It has been raining the last few days here, but we are expecting to get snow about mid week. I think I will stock up on cocoa.

  5. You love snow the way I love snow...from inside the "frosted window pane", cup of hot chocolate in hand. You're right though it is beautiful...enjoy your little piece of Narnia.

  6. I always enjoy your posts so much. And life down on the farm just get more fun when these little weather challenges come our way. I see that you are "women" and you roared your way right thru this as well as anyone could have.

  7. We've broken down and boughted heated water bowls for the outside animals :)

  8. Love the throne! Thanks for sharing the adventure. Hot coffee for me, to warm me and my hands while I read your post :D

  9. I'm sure you expend a lot of energy on a ranch/farm like that. We were supposed to get snow today and tomorrow, but I don't see any! {:-D

  10. Great shots Kathy. Over time I feel I have come to know your little ranch.

  11. LOL - Wax - my daughter in Phoenix was complaining about how cold it was there ;-) you are excused!

    *tosses bankie and hot cocoa to Backyard* Good catch!

    Graceful - gavity was on my side! We had a balmy 51F high temp today. Crazy!

    Definitely cocoa weather, Marlene!

    So true, Sonja! I know that help is on the way, though, because we did have Christmas and the ice is melting ;-) Narnia will have Spring this year!

    Thanks, Kim - not sure that I roared =p I think it was more like a raging whine! LOL!

    memories - every year I think I should run a 'wire' out to the horse tank and get one of those floating heaters... but then Spring comes and I forget until the next freeze - haha!

    Thanks, Lee! I had the best of both worlds today - hot cocoa in coffee this morning ;-) my Sat. treat! That and the sound of melting ice! Wooohoooo!

    story - LOL - if you see that snow - don't send it this way! I do have my five acres of fun - that's for sure - but it doesn't need a bunch more snow!

    Thanks, Carole =) It has been quite a few years of sharing! Fun to get to know you, too!

  12. Wow that is a lot of ice, so much work to keep the animals with fresh water it sounds like. Hope you stay warm!

  13. Well, Pam - I kind of a little system going here. And, Praise the Lord - the sun came along and melted some of that ice =) Didn't have to bucket any water tonight - not even to the rabbit. Wooohooo! It's worth it to have the critters, though =) I do stay warm... I look like a snowman gone bad, but I am warm!!! LOL!

  14. LOL Yes it's all worth it to have animals, I agree! Glad the sun came out!

  15. Pam - I love your stories about Jessie =) I know you totally understand! Hope your *snow* came out ;-)

  16. Thank you Kathy. lol our snow is doing just fine. :)


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