Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wonderland, here I come! Re-Charge!

Just like Alice, charging down the rabbit hole! well, almost...

Okay, I am sure that I was not nearly as graceful as Lewis Carroll's Alice, but I did go down the rabbit hole... at least part of the way.  Well, more accurately, I slipped, and slid to the ground with one foot down Benny's rabbit hole and my keester in the stickers.  Hmmm...  I don't remember that part being in "Alice Through the Looking Glass"...

As I was sitting there amidst the rabbit weeds two thoughts came to my mind... 

First, I wondered if Benny Bunny was going to recover from his state of fright at my invasion of his hidey hole.  He can move really fast when he wants to!  Benny dashed to the farthest corner of his pen in total confusion due to his inability to retreat into his once safe little home. 

And, second, I was reminded of something I had read this morning from "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale about the positive affects of taking time just to sit.  I am sure that Dr. Peale did not envision someone sticking a foot in a rabbit hole and sitting (firmly) in a sticker patch; however, that was where my 'sit' happened.  And it lasted a while because I was laughing too hard to get up =p

Dr. Peale's suggestion is that people need to take time every day to stop, relax, pray and recharge.  When they do that, they can return to their busy day refreshed and ready to meet any challenge.  Actually, I did apply what I had read. Well, I couldn't help it. I was a prisoner of my own laughter so I sat there for a while.  When I finally recovered (and, by the way, so did Benny), I did feel refreshed by both the pause in my routine and by the laughter. 

So, the next time you feel a little harried and rushed, you might want to do like I did and jump down a rabbit hole.  Just make sure there isn't a sticker patch where you will plant your keester...  Or, you (being much more clever!) just might prefer a cup of hot cocoa and a comfy chair for a few minutes.  Yep - ditch the rush and frazzle part of the day (and the rabbit hole!), and take a break to Re-Charge with a little rest, prayer and relaxation.  You will be amazed at how a few minutes rest gives you a lot of Re-Charge to face the day's challenges and you will be all the more creative after a few minutes of "sit"!

It's official take a break time!  Enjoy =)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Written in the sand...

Okay - what do you see here?


Or more?

I see that on this hot dry morning I was not the only person out and about.  Several vehicles made their way down the road. 

And those footprints?  Looks like Lorie and Prissy went for a walk, too =)  Yep!  Prissy made a pass through the grass on the side of the road - I can see her tracks there and those are definitely Lories footprints.

I like to see these little reminders of my friend for more than one reason.  My friend, Lorie, is also my prayer partner.  She and I have shared prayers for many years.  Prayers of joys and sorrows, kids and finances, illness and deaths... We have left footprints for each other on our road of life.  Footprints that tell us we are not alone - someone out there is praying!

How about you?  Has someone left a few footprints for you?


Return, O my soul, to your rest;
for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.
Psalm 116:7 

Friday, August 27, 2010

No Rodeo today! Funtry Friday *smiles*

Okay - I had enough of a rodeo on Monday *winks* so here is a quiet little 'goat moment' for Funtry Friday!


...plus Bethie the goat...

Equals YUMMY!!!

Lip smackin' good, she says!

Hope you have some yummy treats today, too!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (almost!)


Horses have an excellent sense of smell.  These two are supposed to be mowing the lawn...  but they can smell the Equine Senior inside Super Truck!

Their pathetic plaintive woeful looks accomplished nothing, however.  Hard-hearted me only gave them hay...  *gasp*  How could I?

Anybody else able to resist their pet's 'pathetic me' moments?
Share!  and make me not feel like a big meanie!  *lol*


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whoa! This Etsy Blogger rocks!

The next time that I think I am busy I am going to remember Patch.  With three Etsy shops and two blogs, this is one busy gal!

Patch lives in Udon Thani, in the North Eastern part of Thailand and she has a passion for making jewelry.  Naturally one of her shops features her lovely jewelry ~ Patch First Shop ~ where she specializes in beaded Swarovski and bridal custom jewelry.  I found this gorgeous necklace in her shop, but I will bet that it won't be there for long!

If you like really cool vintage clothing, check out Patch Vintage Shop for some lovely things like this ~

If you bead, too, then you will want to stroll over to Patch Supply Shop and check out the great things she has to offer ~ like these ~
Oh, yummy!  She has several sets of beads for sale as well as lots of other supplies.

In all her spare time *roflol* Patch finds time to blog on two blogs.  You can keep up with her daily life on Patch's Diary and check out her lovely wedding items on Welcome to Patch's World.  She even has a Wedding Guide on her blog.

Hope you enjoyed all that gorgeous eye candy from one of my fellow Etsy Blogger Team members.  Take a little time to stroll around her shops - they are full of lovely treasures.  See you there!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Right before your Monday explodes...

...you might get a picture if you have your camera focused and ready!

And, what, you might be wondering is this explosion going to look like seconds later?  Well, I don't have pictures of it, though I imagine that it looked pretty funny =p  (especially since everything turned out okay! *roflol*)  You will just have to visualize what happened...

• From this point, Hershey started shaking his head like crazy, he changed direction, and he headed straight for me... well, not at a 'dead run' - he's 23 years old!  So, let's just say 'with a hurried purpose', okay.

• I was backed up to the chicken coop, so I just waved at him to let him know I preferred not to be his road.

• At that moment, the poop hit the fan.  More accurately, the wasp hit my chin.  I can move pretty fast for an over the hill gal!

• Hershey went to the left and the wasp and I went to the right.  Ummm...  it wasn't my idea to take the wasp with me.  I waved my hat to chase it away.  Nicely, mind you...  just a little wave...

• By this time, the wasp was really mad and the hat waving did not have the desired effect.  Then things got interesting...

• You know what will make a wasp really really mad?  Let it get caught in your hair.  Actually, I don't recommend that at all...  I ripped the scrunchie out of my hair (yeah, my hair is pretty long...) and whacked myself on the head repeatedly with my hat while I listened to the cranky wasp buzz in my hair.  This was not my most peaceful moment of the day - just in case you were wondering...

• Eventually, I must have whacked it sufficiently to let it know that I was not happy to have it as part of my latest hairdo because it took its cranky self away and I ducked into my barn. 

I 'took inventory' and figured that I was okay, but I wondered how long I could stay in the barn. Overnight? …sounded like a good plan for about three seconds. It's hot in there.

I opened the door a little (coward that I am) and peeked out to see if there was any critter flying around out there. Nope. So I bravely sauntered 'with purpose' to the house. By the way, I still had the camera, hat, and scrunchie in my possession =) hehe - I think that counts for something! *lol*

After that, I didn't do anything for the rest of the day except watch the horses while I did some artwork. Oh, yeah - and I blogged ;-)

So how was your Monday?


Friday, August 20, 2010

Feed me, Mama!!!! Funtry Friday Fun!

Okay, I think this has a total cuteness factor!  This is a baby barn swallow and there are a couple in the nest behind this squawky little fellow.

If you look closely at the nest, you will see a chicken feather to the left and an emu feather to the right.  International, by bird standards, I would say *winks* 

Check out the crazy little nest addition, too!  What you see there is the swallow 'mud' going along the metal traverse rod for Lorie and Tim's barn door.  Apparently the swallows create a sort of 'crib' for the babies.  After they are big enough to get out of the nest and before they can fly, the babies will run back and forth between the nest edge and the wall.  This is actually the second batch of babies hatched in this nest this year which is why we know that.

Where is the nest?  *roflol* Right above the door into the barn which is on the porch outside their 'bunkhouse' where everyone 'parks' to visit.  These swallows are very social!  They did NOT pick a quiet, out of the way place to pitch their tent.

Awwww - this is almost as cute as the swallows!  That's big sister giving her brother a boost up to see the babies.  Definitely a hit with the grandkids!

Hope the swallows are a hit with you, too!  Happy fun in the country Friday to you!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have a little fun! Share your talent!!!

Want to have a fun afternoon?

Want to enjoy some time with other artists and crafty people?

Want to give yourself a 'creative jump start'?

Want to encourage other artistic people?

Want to use your creative talents in a variety of ways?

Well, here's a great way to do that:  Share what you know!

You don't have to have a teaching degree to share what you love to do.  You don't have to rent a hall, sell tickets, and advertise on the radio.  You don't have to have a five week course with Power Point and fifty handout sheets. 

All you need is YOU!

If you are a member of a local arts group, you know that they are always looking for people to give talks and demonstrations.  Give others the benefit of what you have learned and volunteer your time to one of your local arts groups.

When you do that, you will find that the preparation for the class will spur you on to try some new techniques yourself - or to perfect ones you already know.

You may even find that a new way to share your talent on a regular basis is to teach others to do what you do!   Art groups, recreation centers, senior centers, and art and craft stores are just a few of the places that offer classes.  There is no reason that you could not be one of their teachers *grins* and that could lead to a little extra income from your artwork, too! 

So what do you think of my sunflower?  Nope, that is not a 'work in progress' - that is a demonstration that I did recently for the High Desert Artists, a local art group in Chino Valley.  See my little notes in the last picture?  I was demonstrating how to use a lot of different types of drawing and sketching materials.

  • I had a ton of fun talking about art!
  • It was lots of fun to encourage other artists to try some drawing materials that they hadn't used before.
  • It was nice to share ideas with a group of other artists.  Their questions about some of the materials let me to try some experiments during the demo!
  • The drawing and 'playing' that I did to prepare for my demonstration pushed me out of my recent *sagging* art days (yes, I have them, too!).
  • And, they paid me *big smile*
So, you say that don't like to talk to groups of people?  Okay - grab a friend and spend a creative afternoon!  You will be surprised how many fun ideas you will share and how much you can get done.  Trust me!  It's worth an afternoon to try it *nudge*nudge*

And it will motivate you to create - which was one of our main questions way back when I asked all you creative people to tell me what The Question you always wanted to ask!  Yeah, that's not the original post - but that post has the list of all the questions on it *grins* check them out!
Do you have new questions?  Post them in the comments!  I have posted answers to some and I have new information to post on others.  "Stay tuned for the Rest of the Story!"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The best lawnmowers in the world - possibly in the universe!

Care to join me on a peaceful Sunday afternoon at the home place? 

I just keep thinking about Psalm 23:1-2 today...  The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want; He makes me lie down in green pastures...  Yeah, I complained about the weeds this week, but hidden in those weeds is some lucious grass - at least my lawnmowers think so! 
Okay, I know that David was out in the fields with sheep - but this still reminds me of the peaceful, green pastures that I think he was talking about when he wrote Psalm 23.

And David was probably not listening to the rustling of the wind in the cottonwoods...

And sheep are not nearly as noisy as horses when they run around...

And I am about 99% sure that David did not hear the distant whistle of the train, either...

But my peaceful Sunday afternoon, still reminds me of his Psalm.

And those still are the best lawnmowers in the universe!  Especially since they are self propelled and fueling themselves at the same time! *winks*

So how was your Sunday afternoon?  Hope you had some peace and quiet, too!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Where's the bulldozer? Funtry Friday!

Remember when all the pictures from my walks looked like this...?

Yeah... not so much now =p  We had a little rain and now it's green!
I have shared my love of tumbleweeds, but now that has given way to sheep weed.  Yeah, I don't really know what it's called, but that's what we call it because sheep will eat it.  *lol*   They must eat it from the bottom up because this stuff is taller than I am!

And then there's this little guy...
Bind weed is a miracle plant.  It comes from nowhere, requires no water, probably doesn't need dirt, will spread across the ground, up fences, over the tumbleweed, through the sheep weed, up and down the grass, and over the hill to grandma's house...

Not sure, but I'm thinking it may be an improvement!  *lol* but it's past the lawnmower - totally need a bulldozer now =p

Country living will make you appreciate the change of seasons *winks* and the changing of the weeds.  Happy 'fun in the country' Friday to you all!

Blessed gardening and weed whacking to you ~

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yummy new art supplies!

Isn't it fun to get new art supplies - and then have them turn out to be yummy art stupplies!   It sure does give your creative spirit a jump start =)

I bought a new bottle of ink.  Now, you have to know that I am a TOTAL ink snob =p  I am sooooo picky with ink...  Well, I had seen this ink before, but I had never tried it.
Mmmmmm!  Yummy =)  Dr. Martin's Black Star matte ink is nice and dense, but it stays matte no matter how thick a line you make.  It was very smooth to use, too - even given that my pen point could definitely stand to be replaced.  *lol*  I'm a pen snob, too... I can't find the same nib so I just keep nursing this one along =p

At any rate, I got inspired by the fun of new ink, so here is a little 5 x 7 inch mixed media painting that I did ~
This little painting was inspired by the Melange challenge ~ Rain ~ and it is ink, watercolor and gouache ~ one of my favorite combinations for mixed media!  Here is Billie Jane totally dripping wet in the rain.

So, what do you think I should call this little painting?  It's heading to my Etsy shop as soon as I can figure out what to call it *lol*  Help me out here!

Hope you had a creative day, too!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grab a good book and a cuppa...

I love my etsy teams!  It's fun to share thoughts, challenges and ideas with other people who have a common interest.  This month the Etsy Bloggers are blogging about (among other things) a favorite 'book, movie, or get-away spot over the summer'.  Wow - I have all three things to blog about ;-)

"The Scarlet Pimpernel" starring Leslie Howard (yep - the old black and white version!) has been a favorite movie of mine for absolutely years!!!  I was browsing through The Salvation Army store, and I found this little paperback version of the original story written by Baroness Orczy (do NOT ask me how to pronounce her name!).  Immediately, I was whisked away to England and France for a great swashbuckling adventure.  I am sooooo not going to spoil any of the story, but I will tell you that the book and the movie have different endings ;-) and I was so glad to have read the book to find out how the author ended her book!

Oh, yeah - remember I said that I had all three things this summer - a book, a movie, and a great get-away?  I bought this little book to take with me while my sister and I wandered over to California to visit family.  My favorite get-away always involve a destination with family and/or friends!

Hmmm....  see the other book peeking out from behind "The Scarlet Pimpernel"?  That's another favorite of mine which I will return to this Fall.  If you have never read Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol", put it on your must read list.  You will be amazed!  Time to toss out all the Hollywood-isms, and grab a good book and a cuppa (cocoa for me!) and enjoy what the author really had to say!

What was your favorite 'read' this summer?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The next time you whine...

I have a cure for the whines for you.  It never fails for me!

Meet my friend, Margie.  Margie inspires me and when I think about her, I forget to whine and I start to think about what I can do.

Margie lives modestly, and gives much.  She tutors children who are learning English.  She plays bridge once a week.  She goes to the theater (live theater - not movies!) twice a month with one of her sons.  At dinner, they will discuss all sorts of things including current events, politics and religion.  She travels to Germany twice a year to see her other son, his wife and her darling little granddaughter.  She is very active in her church where she has been the Clerk of Session for 31 years.  She takes her 90 year old friend to her doctor's appointments.

Oh, yeah - and Margie was 83 when her granddaughter was born.  Recently she had to give up her weekly volunteer work at the Urban Ministries because she couldn't stand all day any more.  Compression fractures in her spine were causing her too much pain...  In September, Margie will celebrate her 89th birthday.

I have known Margie all my life - and what a blessing she has been!  My sister and I visited her this summer and we had a wonderful time.  She is as lively as ever and as much fun as she was when I was six and she lived with us.  One of my favorite people - and a shining example of how to live and live well!

Cure your whines?  Sure made mine go away!  Think I'll go smile a while and then say a little prayer for Margie.  Care to join me?


PS  This is a picture of her with a doll that I gave her many years ago.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Want to stop traffic? Well, or at least slow it down... Funtry Friday!

Drive 125 miles...

...to take a country friend to the city.

Okay, well - maybe this isn't really my friend!  and I sure did get some confused stares *roflol*

Hey - driving tumbleweeds 125 miles away insures that the seeds will not come back to haunt me next year in the form of more tumbleweeds.  Desperate measures!?

No, seriously, someone really wanted these tumbleweeds *winks* for decoration at a Vacation Bible School.  *lol* I would drive them that far again just for the funny looks I got, though!  Ummm... and the fact that I did not have to bring them back home!

Had any crazy fun lately?
Hope you enjoyed mine!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Thursday ART SPLASH on Etsy!!!!

To find some fantastic artwork on Etsy simply type 'artsplash' (one word) in the search box.  Here is a small sample of what you will find...

Heron Kate Ethiopia 2 - based on tribal designs used in Ethiopia.

lee pierce - "Stilt" - or "Does this reflection make me look taller?"

WindandHoney - Original French Cat Silhouette - mixed media including some lovely antique items.

Egilpatr - "Misty Light" - a lovely original acrylic painting.

And, from my little corner of the Etsy world, tapestry316, here is "Yellow Cat on a "Red Pillow".

Grab a cup of hot cocoa and stroll through the Art Splash listings on Etsy!  I'll wait here for you to tell me what your favorites are =)


PS  Want to know more about First Thursday Art Splash on Etsy?  Check out the Art Splash blog!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What a difference a day makes!

Remember that wet and soggy all water-covered road?  Well, take a look at the road now!  What a difference a warm, sunny day makes =) 
The wash is still running...  but the water has gone down there, too. 
I am so totally not going to mention the humidity, though =p  but even that was a bit better today.  Just have to love our 'monsoon season' out here!  Makes for some very pretty, lush, green... ah... weeds.  Yeah.  They are all weeds *lol*

And, I did get a few things listed in my Etsy shop - some old favorites and some new future favorites, too ;-)  Like this one ~

It was also very fun to have a sale so soon after coming home - Thank You!!! - and to be able to drive out the dry road to mail the order to her!  Woohoo!

And, yeah... I did eventually need a 'plan B' today *roflol* when the lawn mower quit working.  My neighbor came over and showed me a 'little trick' to get it to start again.  Going to remember that one!  *lol*

Hope you had a great day, too - and if you had to use 'plan B', hope it went smoothly for you as well!  Anybody out there only need 'plan A' today?  lol!


Monday, August 2, 2010

So, the wash was up and Etsy was down and I...

...just kept on 'truckin'!  *roflol*

I had great plans to get things listed like crazy and to mow all my weeds this weekend ;-)  Both had to wait a bit *lol* The weeds are still waiting for a sunny day to dry us up a bit out here!  In the meantime, I will get a bit more caught up with all my online friends.  *whew* Thanks for all the comments and visits while I was with my family =)  I appreciate you all dropping by!  I am officially back now *laughs* finally!

And here is what I came back to...

Got up Sunday morning and looked outside...
Hmmm - really wet out there!

...massive puddle for the horses and...
Mr. Hershey was not amused.  He did NOT want to walk through it!  lol!

When I went to church, I saw that the wash was running.
Today, it was over the road and the sherriff was blocking the road
this morning.  I heard that the water was down tonight.
*roflol*  You know you have lived in the country for a while,
when you don't check the road unless you will need to go somewhere soon =p
Miss Lazy Bones will check it tomorrow and give you an updated report then!  lol!

The only place I planned to go today was Etsy to list some new artwork.  However, Etsy had a little listing glitch =p so I just wrote up stuff and saved it to cut and paste later.

Oh - hey - this would be later!  Guess I had better get on over to my Etsy shop and show off some new artwork ;-)  Care to join me?

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