Friday, December 31, 2010

Nope, not reindeer tracks...

So, we had a little snow...  Now, compared to all those huge storms that have drifted across the country, this was not that bad.  However, Lova and Cookie only had one thing to say...

...a resounding "NO!" followed by "Make it go away."  They are not demanding dogs at all.  That is how they got the nicknames of 'no' and 'no-no'...  I made them stay outside.

Not one to make my animals suffer what I will not suffer myself, I donned my snow tramping gear and, looking like an inflated snowman, I waddled out the back door to see what was up in the great white world.  No, actually, I waddled out there to feed my larger fourple footed friends.  Nothing else could have enticed me out of the house on a cold day like this!

Whoa!  What do my wondering eyes behold?

Tracks?  Ummm.... those are not guinea tracks.  Not dog tracks... rabbit?  No.  Ummm....  Where are they going?

Now, why do I think this is not a good thing...  Mystery tracks leading up to, er, rather under my little shed.  I think I need to hang out a 'Critter Motel' sign here.  It's got to be getting crowded in there because, as far as I know, the bees are still in there...  Yeah, bees... What once was in a tree, has moved...

Well, let's take a closer look at the tracks.  It could be a cat, you know...  maybe...

Oh.  I really want these to be cat tracks.  I really do.  I could feed a feral cat and be okay about that...  Cat! can't they look like cat tracks???  Sort of... in a way...

Well, I suppose only if I hollered 'kitty - kitty' and expected a little black and white kitty with a big, bushy striped tail.


Going to get the Critter Motel sign for sure.

Maybe if Bailey stops chasing her stick in the snow, she'll help me out here!

Naw.  The words 'Bailey' and 'stop chasing stick' are never on the same continent. 

Ahem.  Guess I will do a little research on how to discourage resident skunks...  And remove dormant bees...  Gosh, life in the country is never boring, is it?!

Well, this is how my old year is ending and how my new year is beginning!  How is your old year ending?  And how is the New Year shaping up for you?

Happy New Year!


  1. Hehehe!!! If it sticks its head out, it will be black and white, but not a kitty!!! Happy New Year!!

  2. Hmmm ... a mystery guest ... I hope it's a cat too, but where you live, it seems like there are many possibilities. I loved seeing the pics of your dogs in the snow. Wish someone had taken one of you all bundled up. LOL Happy New Year.

  3. It's so fun to see critter footprints in the snow. Without the snow, one would never know who's been scouting around the house and yard.
    no major upheavals at the end of the year, so that's how I hope the new year begins. (so far, first 10 hours, good!)

  4. Good luck with that Kathy, and I hope you don't get skunked. lol
    Happy New Year!

  5. UM...Good Luck! Be ready to run :D The snow made you aware but this has probably been going on for a bit. Nesting to keep warm or a safe spot for a couple new little ones?

  6. Bailey is so pretty! I'm farther south, and we didn't get snow, just the cold. Real Cold! Wishing you a fun week-end!

  7. Yikes! Not a good way to end the new year! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's a kitty...with out a white stripe!

  8. Did you find the, err, kitty? Hope that's what the tracks were! Bailey is so cute!

  9. LOL - Kim, I think you may be right =p

    Hehe - Linda - the dogs are much cuter than me! At least than me all bundled up.

    So true, Splendid - it is fun to see tracks. Today I saw bunny tracks at my sister's house =)

    Thanks, Brenda - LOL - me, too!

    Lee - hehe - track shoes at the ready! When this shed was moved from it's previous location, a mother and 13 babies were found under it. Ack. Hope that is not the case this time! LOL!

    Thanks, story - Baily is a red heeler and she belongs to my good friend and neighbor. LOL - Bailey thinks I belong to her ;-) so she visits almost every day and begs me to throw a stick for her.

    Thanks, memories! I will do a little investigating - carefully =p

    Thanks, Beaded - LOL - I haven't gone searching yet =p Ahem. Thanks - Baily is a cutie and a tireless stick chaser! I have been 'adopted' by her, so she slips through our adjoining fence and comes to chore with me =)

  10. aww, Kathy it's only a sweet lil' skunk, lol! they are cute if you look at them closely - well maybe you shouldn't get tooo close.
    have fun with all your new critter neighbors :-)
    Happy New Year!

  11. lol Hope the skunk doesn't stay long. Always exciting at your place. Happy New Year!

  12. Isn't it interesting following the tracks in the snow? Don't get to do any of that here in Florida! I hope the little critter got out of the cold somehow. I hate to think of any animal out in the snow and cold.

  13. They are really cute, pink ;-) so long as they are aimed away from me! LOL!

    Me, too, Pam - Hopefully this little kitty will decide the traffic is too busy where he parked =p

    Cindy - I agree, finding tracks is fun =) Skunks are really hardy and have adapted well to the cold temps. They live in holes like rabbits do, so they do stay nice and warm wherever they are.

  14. BackyardNaturePhotosJanuary 3, 2011 at 5:29 AM

    So you are telling me you're off to a stinky start in 2011?

  15. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I kept saying "Just Do It" all afternoon -but didn't know if I'd be infringing on Nike if I blogged that all over.... Thank you for liking my tutorials also.

    I'm glad I tracked you back to here - this is a pretty cool post.
    I had tracks in the snow, too - mine were teeny tiny and I'm sure they were chipmunk or squirrel all over my front stairs.

    I hope that wasn't a skunk! I was cracking up when I read that you looked like an inflated snowman. It's the only way to survive in the cold! After I moved to New Hampshire, I hated my first winter so I was determined to suck it up and got snowbibs and pants, wool hats, etc. ... and now I love it! I look silly, but at least I'm cozy now.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts, Tammy

  16. Hi! I'm following you from the CAST team on Etsy. Here's my blog if you want to follow me back:

  17. Thanks, tamdoll - LOL - I would take a portable heater with me if I could manage it! I have friends with family in Michigan - Sidnow in the UP - they live there year round! I would have to hibernate =p


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