Friday, December 17, 2010

If the weather gives you ice - have fun with it! Funtry Friday Fun!

Don't be a sagging winter Scrooge!  Life isn't all blue skies and sunny days.

Oh, wait - the blue sky and sunny day might be part of this guy's problem...

Well, anyway - there is a lot of country fun to be had in the ice and snow.  Work with me, here, okay!  I know it's cold, but icy cold weather can be... well, um... cool!  And cool things happen, like this...

The horse tank froze and there was about a half inch of ice on top of it.  This chunk has a really neat pattern of bubbles around a piece of hay that is now frozen inside the ice.  It also has a reflection of a crazy woman who takes pictures of ice with hay frozen in it.

This is so cool that it is cold!

A perfect heart!  And where, you might ask, is that perfect heart?  And how did it get there?

Chicken water.  The hose had a slow leak that dripped in one spot.  In the morning, the water was frozen except for where the water had dripped and formed a perfect heart shape!

I told you that ice could be really cool!  So can snow -

- especially with a dose of Mr. Random Dude!  Who is he?  Find out in my Etsy shop - tapestry316!

Hope you enjoyed your little icy Funtry Friday!  Are you staying warm or out sledding in the snow?

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. How cool to find a heart in the ice! I think that's a sign there's love at your place! :)

  2. Oh I love the heart! Always fun in the country!

    And always love Mr. Random Dude, although I am thinking pretty soon your going to have to give him a Mrs. Random Dude LOL

  3. BackyardNaturePhotosDecember 18, 2010 at 1:13 AM

    I'll have to repeat BeadedTail's comment. That's really something & love the droopy Snowman.

  4. very cool! And gotta love that crazy lady in the reflection :P

  5. Beaded - That heart really surprised me! It was very cool =) Thanks!

    Thanks, Pam! haha - I never thought about a Mrs. Random Dude! LOL!

    Thanks, Jane - *lol* he was drooping over Christmas trees for sale =p

    Thanks, Carole!

    Awwww - thanks, TiLT! Crazy, but relatively harmless ;-)

  6. Love your feature about ice, expecially that ice heart. That is amazing.


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