Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Etsy Blogger Blogger of the Month! Pruitt Handcrafts!

If you haven't taken a tour through Linda Pruitt's Etsy shops, you have missed some wonderful treats!  Take a stroll over there and check out these delightful items ~

Now is the time to send out those thank you notes!  Why not make them extra special just like the lovely gifts that you received!  These are so creative - what a lovely thank you gift for those favorite people you know!

 Linda is closing her jewelry shop, so right now (until January 15th) she is having a HUGE sale!  Check out her main shop page and get her coupon code to save 50% on gorgeous designs like this one!

Check out her supply shop where she has buttons, charms, lace, and lots of little extras like this darling Made With Love charm!  What a wonderful little trinket to attach to that delightful gift you just made! 

To keep up with what's new in Linda's corner of the world, check out her blog, Pruitt Handcrafts.  Be sure to look for pictures of her new darling little grandbaby!  What a double cutie!  Linda is the grandmother of 24 + little (and not so little) kiddos.  She is also a breast cancer survivor and all around cool person to know.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Linda a little bit better and seeing some of the delightful creations this very talented lady has in her shops!  



  1. Thanks for the feature! I really don't feel that talented, (especially as compared to some of you other Etsybloggers--I just enjoy keeping busy!) but thanks for saying it! Blessings!

  2. Wonderful feature. Good Luck with your sale Linda. I think by the look of things you look pretty talented.

  3. Linda is very talented, and her work is quality. She is somewhat of a neighbor and I look forward to meeting her in person one of these days.

  4. You're out numbered, Linda ;-) We do think you are very creative!

    What fun, Marlene =)

    Thanks Pam, memories and Sonja!

  5. Linda is definitely talented and creative! She makes so many lovely items!

  6. So very true, Splendid! It was lots of fun to take a tour through her shops =)


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