Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bright lights and good ideas!

I have never seen the aurora borealis, but that light show sounds like a fantastic one!  The current ACEO Challenge on our challenge blog is for 'northern lights' so I had to go take a look at some photographs to see what they look like.  Oh, my!  After looking at those images, I came up with these two little paintings - and the idea that the 'northern lights' are really God's fireworks!

"God's Fireworks - Northern Lights" - 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches - ACEO - original watercolor, ink and gouache on 140 pound archival watercolor paper

Lights (or a light bulb) are also the symbol of a good idea.  Since there are lots of lights shining on this blog post, I thought I would share a good idea, too.

"Northern Lights" - 2.5 x 3.5 inches - ACEO - original watercolor, gouache and ink on 140 lb archival watercolor paper

These two little ACEO original paintings are going in my Adopt Art Gallery to help Tim and Cynthia with their adoption expenses for Baby E.  Do you see the cool little button on the right side of my blog below my banner?  The one that says 'donate now'?  Did you wonder how I got that there?  Well, here's your good idea of the day!

The button is really simple to install from PayPal.  Check it out, but before you dash off and do that, here are a few of things to keep in mind.
  • does not like people to sell items on their blog.  So installing a shopping cart and selling your creations here is not a good idea.  Check out Wordpress if you want to sell items from your blog.  Check out Blogger 'help' for more details about what they do and do not allow.
  • Raising money by way of donation is okay with Blogger.  Again, check out Blogger 'help' for more details.
  • Make sure you are prepared to keep track of the money you collect and send it to where it needs to go in a timely manner. 
  • Make sure your donation request fits with your blog, your goals, and your ideals.
  • Keep your instructions simple and your explanation clear.
  • Provide a way for people to contact you with any questions they may have.
All ready to find out how easy that little button is to install?  Here goes!
  • Check out this information on PayPal.
  • Choose your button and go through the simple steps that PayPal has on its page.
  • Copy the text (yes, it is html - but don't be scared!) and come over to Blogger.
  • Go into 'design' and edit your blog to add the 'HTML/Java' element to the location you want.
  • Paste the html code that you copied from PayPal in the big box.
  • Give your button a snazzy title in the little title box.
  • Click the save button.
  • Give your changes a little preview and when you are satisfied, remember to save your new design! 
Voila!  You are finished! 

Hope the lights are all shining for you and that you are enjoying your winter.  We are all excited here about our preparations for our Christmas celebration!  Lots of fun things in store - but, that's a story for another day ;-)



  1. Wonderful paintings! I have seen the tail end of the Northern Lights, they were only white but were gorgeous all the same. We saw them the first week of July on our cruise to Alaska, One week later and we would not have been blessed to see them at all, I guess they have a "season" when they shine.

  2. Sounds amazing! I know I love to go out and look at the Milky Way - that's pretty fantastic. Ah, God's glorious heavens!

  3. great artwork Kathy! I've never seen them either, maybe one day, lol! you did a nice job interpreting them for the challenge.

  4. Your ACEOs are so pretty!

    And I love the donate button idea!

  5. Thank you, pink!

    Thanks, memories - for both comments =)

  6. These aceos are both beautiful. I think I like the second one the most.:)

  7. BackyardNaturePhotosDecember 27, 2010 at 7:53 AM

    You do such wonderful pieces. I,too, like the second one more.


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