Monday, November 15, 2010

You might be an Artist if...

You look at the sky and say cerulean blue with a dash of sienna…

You have used a paint brush to hold your pony tail up and you didn't discover it until you were checking out at the grocery store.

"Just one more minute" stretches to three hours at your easel.

Your plein aire supplies are always packed and ready to go.

You have touched up a nick on your kitchen cabinets with your $42 per tube oil paint.

You think nothing of letting the grandkids play with your paint, but they had better not touch your brushes.

You would rather buy art books more than just about anything except, perhaps, art supplies.

Your camera is always with you just in case…

Paint colors make you drool.

Everything you own has paint on it - somewhere!

Déjà vu? Have another one to add? Share it in the comments!

Happy Painting!



  1. Cute! My daughter paints so she'd probably love this :) Even though I don't, I can identify with some of it and apply it to knit/crochet!


  2. hi girl, great blog post...I can totally relate to this. Would like to add:

    get cranky when I don't paint

  3. I've used a clothespin to hold back my bangs when I'm in my basement to work on a tie dye project. Thankfully, I've not worn it out of the house! (At least I don't think so!)

  4. How about, When you see the sunrise and you have never been to bed because you have been creating all night!!!

  5. So true, Anastasia - the creative spirit will slip into any talent and create talior made havoc! *laughs*

    Thanks, Bridget - and oh, so very true!

    Love it, Splendid! If I see you with a clothespin, I will just comment on the great new design in hair wear *winks*

    Oh, Kim - that's a great one, too! LOL! And that's another one that happens no matter what you are creating!

  6. Cute and great paintings in this blog , add more photos in future.

  7. ...swirl your brush in your coffee instead of your water bucket ;^)

  8. Thanks, party =)

    LOL - love it, Lee ;-) done that!


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