Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some helpful tips for selling on Etsy!

Etsy is a big place - so how do you get noticed? Well, here are some things that you can do to get your shop noticed by buyers who are cruising the corridors of Etsy. 
Daphne's Breakfast

• Make sure your photographs are clear and make sure that they adequately show all angles of your items.

• Use all of your photographs. If you don't require them all to describe your item, then fill up the other images with photographs that show related items, a way to display your item, special sales or discounts, or a little mini-biography about you.

Best Friend with a reminder to check out mt other artwork.

• Use all of your description tags. All 14 of them! Be sure your main category is first and your next most descriptive word is second. Don’t forget to use color, size, medium, season, scent, shape, etc. - anything that you might search for if you were looking for this item. Do not use 'cute' phrases in your tags unless that is a legitimate way to search for your item.

Here are some tags that I might use for Beach Baby~
art, original painting, collage, acrylic painting, tern, bird, beach,
summer, blue, brown, feathers, castteam, tapestry316, roeth 
• In some of your listings, include your real name as a tag. Include your shop name, both without spaces and with spaces (like: tapestry316 as well as tapestry 316). Many times people will search 'all items' for the shop name instead of using the drop down menu to search for the sellers. Some people who know you may not remember what your shop name is, but they will remember your name.

• Spend time connecting with people in the forums. There are LOTS of great threads there for both buyers and sellers and it is a wonderful way to meet some very fun people on Etsy. Chat with them, leave meaningful and helpful comments, and visit their shops. They will probably do the same for you.

• Join a team - or two or three! Don't go team crazy - join only the teams where you can successfully participate.

• Promote your shop outside of Etsy. Many people use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to share listings, treasuries and team activities. Blogging is another way to share what is going on in your shop. Some people create an email list to send a newsletter for special sales, etc. Experiment and see what works best for you!

Well, that's enough to get you started! Stroll over to your shop and check your listings. How do you photographs look? Are your tags relevant? Been to the forums lately? Once your shop is all spruced up, spend a little time sharing it both on and off Etsy.
While you do that, I will get together some information about some of the recent changes to our Profile page along with a few suggestions on how to keep the traffic flowing to your shop items!
Happy selling!


  1. That is an absolutely wonderful horse painting!

  2. Hello! How is selling on Etsy? How many years did it take to get to 311 feedbacks? Are sales regular or a pleasant surprise? Thanks for sharing!

  3. wonderful blog post...thanks for sharing.

  4. Some new suggestions here! Thanks!!

  5. Thanks Kathy, these are all great tips.

  6. Wonderful tips Kathy! Thank you! I am horrible at tagging I can never think of more than 5 or so! Lol

  7. great tips Kathy. Do you think it's better to put 2 words together or tag them separately.
    In your sample you write 'acrylic painting' as one tag. Would it be better to tag it 'acrylic' and 'painting'? Does this make sense?

  8. Thanks for all the kind comments!!!

    pink - I think variety helps the most. If you use different types of tags on different items it will bring different buyers to your shop via different listings. Hopefully once they see one listing, they will check out others. The only reason I use acrylic painting, is because acrylic can also be plastic. If I use watercolor, I may use watercolor painting in another listing.

    *roflol* Pam, I keep a list of tags and team names by the computer =p

    You are welcome, Marlene - glad you found them useful.

    You're welcome, Bridget and Linda!

    Quilt Works - sales have been fairly regular if I list new items and promote my shop. A couple of times etsy has made changes that affected SEO and traffic took a major dive. That can happen just about anywhere, though. I have been selling on etsy since early 2008.

    Thank you, Wax Beach =)


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