Monday, November 22, 2010

If you haven't seen these, you need to!

Thought I would share a few of my favorite places to visit online.  If you haven't found these - stroll on over and have some fun!

Hershey in Winter
 Want to check out my very first blog post?  I mean like ever?  Here you go ~

You have to see this little video ~ even if you have seen it before!  It's called GoD and DoG ~ grab a tissue!

Like to play games?  I mean real games!  If this place doesn't have it, it just doesn't exhist!

Shhhh....  over 50?  Want to know who did what when they were your age?  This is funny ~

What's on the menu tomorrow?  Well, we will be gathering for our annual fruitcake baking.  Want the 150 year old recipe?  Here it is!
Just so you know, the Treasure Hunt is from when I wrote the post ~ Just posting this link for the recipe =)

Do you like to do crafts with kids?  Homeschool art?  Or just like simple and fun things to create?  Check out Deep Space Sparkle!
Just a hint ~ if you work with 'seniors' in an art program, there are some things that could be adpated for them, too.

Want a fast and easy way to search the Bible, have a reading program, or explore some in depth study?  Here it is ~ right at your finger tips!

Want some ACEO fun?  This blog is really cool ~
You can enter the challenge and/or vote for those who have artwork entered!  Lots of cool ACEOs entered for this challenge, "Winter Beauty"!

Want to see poetry in motion with horses?  Jean Francois Pignon is a French master of Natural Horsemanship ~
These are some amazing and well trained horses!

And, last but not least...  One of my more fun blogging momments ~
The comments are really fun in this blog post!

Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for all the links, I will check them out when things calm down a bit here. Trees going out and construction going on. Busy, Busy

  2. Hope it provides some fun R&R for you after all the construction craziness!

  3. Thanks, Kathy! will make note and check out later.....

  4. Wow! What a list! I will definitely have to go back and check those out!

  5. Thanks for dropping by Splendid and Joy! Have fun checking the links out!

  6. How fun! Thanks for this--there are bunches of links I'll be clicking on!

  7. They are some really fun links, Anitra! Thanks for dropping by =)

  8. Really great links. Wow that GoD and DoG was really something special and beautiful.

  9. I really like that little video, Pam - one of my favorites!


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