Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall is in the air!

And, for those of us who sell online, that means it is time to get ready for the busy Fall selling season.  Deb of Storybeader blogging fame, is hosting the EtsyBloggers' carnival this week and she wants to know what hints people have for getting ready for all those sales. 

Well, here you go!  Here's a handful of quick ideas to get *and keep* your Fall sales rolling ~

  • First of all, make sure you look your sparkly best!  Polish up your blog and your shops!  Look at everything you have and pretend you have never seen it before.  Is it inviting?  pretty?  a good gift item?  Now is the time to remove things you don't like and add things you love.
  • Get organized!  Don't wait for the sales to roll into your shop to start getting orgainzed.  Make sure you have plenty of business cards, thank you notes, and mailing supplies.  Packing and shipping will go much easier if you plan ahead now.
  • Think about some fun and decorative wrapping ideas for your items.  Lots of people will be giving gifts this Fall.  Are you ready to ship to a different address than the seller?  Do you have a little gift card you can include from your buyer?  How will you wrap your lovely little creations?  
  • Do you have a 'game plan'?  November is not the time to develop a Fall sales plan!  Do you have a series of items you want to add to your shops over the next couple of months?  Have you made them all ahead of time so that they are ready to list them now?  If not, get to work!  Don't wait until you get an order to get it ready to ship.  As the season progress, both your online and your real life will get busier.  Plan ahead now!
  • Plan time to slow down!  Yes.  I said that!  You have to plan time to slow down when you are facing the busiests of times.  Trust me in this one!  If you run at a crazy, hectic pace non-stop for weeks at a time, you will make more mistakes, have a lot less fun, and give much worse customer service.  Plan to take a break every day - even if it is for just a few minutes at a time.  Take a walk, enjoy some music, visit with a friend over a wonderful dessert.  You will return to your work greatly refreshed and ready to give your best to all of your wonderful customers.  
There you go - five little hints to help this Fall sales season be a spectacular one for you.  Have a wonderful time with family, friends - and customers!



  1. GREAT advice...wanna come and do a makeover on my shops??? LoL
    xoxoxox, Daffy

  2. Thank you for all the great hints...I really did need this little push to start getting ready!

  3. Too TRUE! It's all so very true. Thanks for crackin' the whip ;^)

  4. Wonderful points! I think your second one should be my mantra, lol!
    I need to learn to organize things better.
    I'm excited about the coming season, and hope it is crazy busy, lol!

  5. Thanks for all the helpful hints ;o)

  6. Wonderful advice!

    I love the Arizona lights.


  7. You are all welcome! Writing this also helped me to sharpen my focus for this Fall, too!

  8. Kathleen - what a surprising #5 tip, but you are SO right! Having a blog and shop is hard work, and then, when you get a sale, you're too exhausted to enjoy it! I need to think about how best to mail my jewelry... journals are much easier! Thanks for participating in the carnival, and for the sweet comments to storybeader. {:-Deb

  9. Great advice...the Christmas lights on the cactus made me smile.

  10. I think your last bit of advice is particularly good. I recently decided to set one of my blogs aside for the time being because it was taking away from my Etsy work. Sometimes cutting back makes all the difference.

  11. It really does, Glowbug!

    Thanks, Verdant!

    story - that's the tip we always forget! And it's probably the most important, too ;-) You are welcome! Thanks for dropping by!

    Thanks, Carole!


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