Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You might live in the country if...

Yep - you might live in the country if...

It takes you 45 minutes to get to the store and two hours to finish talking to everyone before you shop.

Your feed bill exceeds your grocery bill.

Mud is standard apparel.

The McDonald’s closes at 10 pm.

Rain is a national holiday.

Your doorbell is a dog.

You miss church and people call to see if you are okay.

Your alarm clock is a rooster.

The kids go through the drive-through hamburger place on horseback.

Everyone is in the local parade.

You wonder why the power didn't go out.

The post office closes for lunch.

You don't pay attention to the ruts in the road unless they are more than twelve inches deep.

And best of all – you can drink the water and breath the air!

Country blessings coming your way!


  1. I'm a California gal and live near the ocean and I've also lived in the mountains.

    I guess anytime you have the opportunity to live near nature and close to folks that like you it's great.

  2. BackyardNaturePhotosOctober 19, 2010 at 8:31 PM

    You know I can totally relate to this!

  3. You are so funny and your preacher is a riot too. I look forward to your funny lists. Have a great day!

  4. jcs - so very true!

    Oh, Jane - your McD closes at 10 pm, too??? LOL - KFC doesn't make chicken after 9 pm - you can get everything else until 10 pm. *LOL*

    Thanks, Wax - hehe - it's all true, too!

  5. Fun! I love these posts! And it's some comfort to me that I can only relate to some of these...you can keep the rooster! *grin*

  6. Yep, I live in the country and love it.

  7. I'm a country girl too...and these are all so true :)

  8. Hmmm...I've got the drink the water part...and the doggie doorbell...but that's about it :p Well, the air is not too bad, unless you have allergies when the pollen count gets up there!

  9. So funny and true! I can relate to most of those. My dad is a retired Postmaster and his post office in small town Kansas used to close for lunch too!

  10. "The kids go through the drive-through hamburger place on horseback." - haha...do they really? LOVE it. That is hilarious and just so wonderful!

  11. joey - These are all true things that have happened to me *winks* We had a parade and there were hardly any people to watch because so many people were in it *lol* and after that, some of the 4-H kids rode through the brand new McD's to get cokes for themselves and corn chips for their horses.

    LOL - glad our PO isn't the only one that closes, Beaded ;-)

    yeah, TiLT - the pollen count can get way up here, too - and so can the dust =p

    Thanks, Carole!

    Thanks, Lee!

    LOL - taken from the pages of my life, memories *winks* Glad you liked them.

    Awwww - c'mon, v+s - don't you want a cute little rooster to crow you awake in the morning??? How about a guinea or two?!

    Thanks, Marlene =)

    teehee - it is fun! and it can be very challenging, too.

    Thanks, Silverlight!

  12. Sounds like fun being in the country, must be very peaceful too!

  13. It does have its peaceful moments! and it is lots of fun =)

  14. That's quite a list! I don't live in the country, but I've been in the country. I do appreciate the fact that the air and water are clean. I was going to say peaceful, although that may not be quite the right word. (roosters crowing, for example) Perhaps natural is the right word and peace flows from there.

  15. Very true, Splendid - though it is peaceful - *roflol* just not quiet!


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