Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What does it take to make a child happy?

Not much!

Not much at all if you live where there is constant drought, AIDS epidemics, famine, and where poverty is a way of life.

Invest in a child's life today ~ World Vision, Inc. ~ you will never regret it!


PS  Another not quite wordless Wednesday =p


  1. Well said Kathy!

    We have so much-even the poorest of us in the U.S. are blessed with luxuries some others have never even imagined!

    God bless you for the reminder!

    xoxox, Daff

  2. Hey Kathy ;o) My mom had a World Vision daughter for 18 years, we even visited her in Mexico. Wow, what a wonderful trip! Now she has a son in Cambodia. World Vision is an amazing organization!

  3. Very true, Daff!

    How cool, Stacy! I have a girl in Swaziland =)

    Thanks, Marlene!

  4. Wonderful Birthday present for your child.

  5. Thanks, Pam! The kids LOVE to get pictures of their sponsors =) I love to get pictures from her, too =)


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