Friday, October 22, 2010

They just followed me home - really - all of them!

I can not tell you the number of animals that I have acquired just by chance… well, I am going to try to tell you, so maybe that statement is not exactly true. Let's see…

Hinky, a fun and funny kitty joined us in our first apartment. She earned her name. She was joined by Critter, a lovely schnauzer who my ex-husband had brought home at the tender age of three weeks. They were best buddies all their lives.

There was Licorice - a white cat that my ex tossed into the yard as a kitten. He never did that again as he found out that if it had fins, fur or feathers and one or more legs attached that I was apt to keep it forever…

Mama cat had kittens in the neighbor's back room. She didn't really belong there, but there was a hole in the screen so she thought that she belonged there. We brought home (deliberately) one of the kittens. Later, Mama and another kitten followed me home. Hey, it just happened =p

Winter, a black dog, was headed to the pound. I guess that doesn't count as flying over the fence… but, hey - it's close!

Gadfry, then there were more cats…

• Morris and Moose, who came with the house. The owners gave us a discount on the house if promised to care for them.

• Blue Belle and Peaches - I did sooooo not name her! And we called her Belle =)

• Champagne and Coretta - who earned their names! They came with a little inheritance - yeah, someone paid me to take them. Coretta was the most unhappy and fattest cat I ever saw!

• Phil (short for Philatelic) and Spot who were abandoned in the local post office. Hey - that counts as a fence flying act!

• Forrest, who really didn't fly over the fence - but she did take up residence in my garage.

• And later on, Forrest's kitten, Pal, took up residence in the garage.

Now Fred and Ethel DID fly over the fence. But geese do fly. And geese don't like to be chased by puppies. And once geese find a happy home in puppiless land, they don't tend to fly back over the fence.

Ummm, the emu I returned. Though it did stay for about three days. You should have seen the great emu wrestling contest as they loaded it into the horse trailer to haul it home. Weird, but the emu and the horses got along just fine. Um… kind of more like the horses gave the emu a wide berth =p

And now there is Penne, the peahen who makes her rounds with the guinea fowl. Originally my neighbor got a peacock and a peahen, clipped their wings and parked them in her barn. They are nice to have around because they catch snakes. Snakes are not so nice to have around. Anyway, the peacock walked home. Go figure. However, our lovely little peahen stayed. She seems to share the opinion of the bird chasing puppies, though, so she did fly over the fence. After her wing feathers grew back, she just roosted up higher and the puppies got tired of chasing her. She travels with the guinea fowl when they make their rounds around our homes now, so I see her just about every day.

The motto of this tale of tails? Don't ever let the critter population know that the door is open or the fence is short enough to fly over unless you want LOTS of company!

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. BackyardNaturePhotosOctober 23, 2010 at 4:43 AM

    Wonderful stories. I have to share this with my mother. She thought I was nuts when I had two dogs & three cats!

  2. Wow...quite like a zoo....and a lady with a big heart.

  3. Fun post Kathy, funny how animals can sense a soft touch.

  4. Wonderful story and what a great collection of friends! :D

  5. what a lovely collection of critters you have/had! I'm glad you take them in, they know they can find a safe home with you

  6. Hey, you want to compare notes? Need I say more? Remember the "crazy cat lady" that lived across the alley from us on Stella - well, I think I even have her beat! When the economy tanked and people moved out around here, they just left the animals behind. That is just SO not right! I'm so happy you have the herd - there is just nothing like gathering critters, is there? I would love to have room for more (and more varied) critters.... but then it is probably just as well that I don't. LOL!

  7. LOL - I guess I should have said that I did not have all of these little critters at one time! I think the most that I ever had at one time was 9 cats, 2 dogs, 2 horses, 1 rabbit, 4 goats, and 60 chickens. The chickens toppled the count, huh? =p *roflol* I was selling the eggs ;-)

    Too funny, Jane!

    Awwww - thanks, Carole =)

    Totally true, Marlene - they run my way as fast as they can =p

    Thanks, Lee! I enjoy them =)

    Thanks, Betty =)

    Gadfry, Karin - I had forgotten about her! Cynthia has a cat lady in her neighborhood, too *lol* The two dogs that I have now were taken to the Humane Society because their previous people had to move. It would be nice if more people were that responsible! And beware - haha! You do have to watch out for that bigger critter space, Karin - it WILL be filled! *LOL*

  8. You've sure been loved by furred and feathered animals haven't you! Sounds like a lot of fun has been had too!

  9. So totally true on both counts, Pam!


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