Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick! Call a proofreader! editor! someone!!!

Yep - here we go!  More really bad headlines!

"Shades" original watercolor

~ Police Discover Crack in Australia

~ Stiff Opposition Expected to Casketless Funeral Plan

~ William Kelly, 87, was Fed Secretary

~ Collegians are Turning to Vegetables

~ Scientists to Have Ford's Ear

~ Quarter of a Million Chinese Live on Water

~ Hershey Bars Protest

~ County Officials to Talk Rubbish

~ Carter Plans Swell Deficit

~ Caribbean Islands Drift to Left

*Thanks to Pastor Tim for this joke!*

Well, it looks like Billie Jane is here to offer us some help - and just in the "nicker" of time *winks*


  1. [Laughing] Oh, dear ... those are hilarious.
    One wonders, did these really slip past, or do some editors have a cunningly subtle sense of humour?

  2. thanks for the laugh! the ones you posted previously were good too.

    pretty painting of Billie Jane.

  3. ROFLOL - So funny, thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

  4. A lot of those ring true to me - "collegians turning to vegetables" YEP, "quarter of a million Chinese live on water" CHECK, "County officials to talk rubbish" AMEN! I love it!

  5. Thanks for the laughs, always needed. There are a couple of guys I saw on TV who check signs for a living. Great opportunity for them

  6. Thanks for the laugh and smile, Kathy!

  7. You are welcome, Stacy!

    LOL - Carol, there is a lot of material out there for them =p

    Thanks, Karin! I really want to know about the Hersey Bars ;-)

    Glad it made you chuckle, Marlene!

    Thanks, Juana! glad you liked them and Billie Jane =)

    Silverlight - sometimes I wonder, too, but then I have heard some things said that just slipped out... LOL - glad you liked them!

  8. Lol! I mean, ROFLMBO! These were great, Kathleen! Thanks for the giggle!

  9. Love them and "Shades", too.

  10. The English Teacher in me grimaces. :(

  11. You are welcome, Anitra!

    Thanks, Lee!

    Thanks, Pam =)

    hehe - English Teacher Torture *winks at Carole*

  12. Thanks for the fun reading and love "Shades."


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