Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just a little unexpected internet vacation...

Did you miss me????  Just a little technical difficulty.  This time my computer is fine (much better than the last time!) but my internet went south.  Or north.  Or trekking way out into outer space where no signal has gone before...

At any rate, after racing around like crazy and getting a message from the internet provider that their service was down and they didn't know when it would be back, I realized that I had better give my Etsy shop a vacation.  Sounds easy?  Yes.  If you have internet!  Let's see...
  • no internet at my house
  • no neighbors home next door
  • sister is with hubby at a 'gig' in Prescott Valley
  • library is closed (welcome to the small town life!)
  • nearest computer is an hour away... no, wait - that library is closed by now, too...
Okay.  maybe...  *poof* the internet is back!  quick close the shop! *poof* the internet is gone...  Well, the message did say 'possible intermittent service'.

Ahem.  Step outside and get some fresh air.

"Cottonwood in the Wind"
Enjoy the sound of the wind in the cottonwood trees.  Ahhhh...  perspective!

And now go do something else.  Like clean, exercise, enjoy the critters, rest, read, and paint.  I did them all - and not in that order, either. 

Friday I took a trip to the local county fair (yep!  there will definitely be a blog post about that!) and Saturday I recovered from all the running around I did on Friday.  Today, I went to church, came home and made a delicious lunch of pancakes and eggs with my daughter's homemade strawberry syrup. And I played solitaire (because, you see, the computer works!).

And then *poof* the internet was back!   Well, imagine that.  I knew it would return - I just didn't know when.  One thing I did know was that I could not 'hurry up' the return of the internet by worrying about it.  So, I relaxed and got caught up on some of the other few million things there are to do around here. 

So next time you have a technology hiccup, just relax and go do something 'in real life' and, if nothing else, enjoy a little peace and quiet!


Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world
gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.
John 14:27


  1. I agree Kathy! Why get worried, just go do something in real life ;o) Everything happens for a reason ;o) And, it looks like you had a good time without the internet!! ;o) The homemade strawberry syrup sounds yummy!!!

  2. Isn't it amazing how much we've actually grown to depend on technology?

  3. Sometimes I wish the internet would go down so I wouldn't have to work or sit here surfing the sites but then when it is down, I want it back NOW! Glad you were productive and got in time to relax too before your internet came back!

  4. I know what you mean, Beadedtail! Out here, I always have plan "B" ready for when the power goes out, the internet goes south, or the roads get sloppy!

    crochetgal, that is sooooo true!

    Stacy - very true! I was also very refreshed from my trip to town and the fun at the fair. And, yes - that strawberry syrup is FANTASTIC!!!! Hmmmm.... making me hungry now ;-)

  5. sounds like a refreshing break from the virtual life! real life CAN be wonderful!
    lovely tree, btw!

  6. BackyardNaturePhotosOctober 4, 2010 at 3:24 AM

    Life without a computer or the internet, how quickly we forget. It's shocking how technology seems to rule our lives and to think I started to freak when I couldn't find the tv remote!

  7. I go nuts when my internet goes out! But you're right to remember to go enjoy "real life" when it does happen :)

  8. glad to see you back! I would go crazy without my computer. We don't realize how much we need it.
    However, sounds like you had a nice little break to do some other stuff. Your lunch sounds yummy! haven't had pancakes in a while (I'm one of these people who buys the 'just add water' kind and I still can't get it fluffy, lol!)

  9. Glad you are back. We missed you.:)

  10. Thanks, Carole =) Still very slow, but it's rainting - lol - and where two or more clouds are gathered, internet shall be iffy =p

    pink - I have been that way, but out here any storm can really play havoc with technology! I don't have them often - hehe - the syrup was call to me!

    memories - now if I can just remember to take my own advice the next time it disappears!

    LOL - Backyard, for me it could be 'you've come a long way, baby' since it took me three weeks to figure out how to turn on our first VCR!

    Thanks, Splendid! It was a lovely break - I had almost forgotten how to focus my eyes that far away for more than ten minutes =p

  11. Great post! Glad your back!
    Do something else... what a concept! lol

  12. *roflol* totally! Now we just need to remember that, huh, Pam!


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