Friday, October 15, 2010

Funtry Friday ~ A few of the neighbors and a local!

Some a little more welcome that others!  *roflol*

These guys crack me up!  Yep - he's sticking out his tongue at us =p

Yikes.  Make it go away!!!

What the heck is this???  I'm sure it can't fly with those tiny little wings and I figure that's a really good thing!  *roflol*

And, what, you may ask is going on here... 

Yes, this is a perfect example of a horse with a sense of humor.  These would be Hershey's muddy feet.  And that would be my hand with a hoof pick to clean his muddy feet.  This day, Hershey decided that I only needed to clean three feet, not four.  Everytime I told him to lift his last foot up, he lifted up the first foot.  He knew that it was cracking me up, so he kept on doing it! 

*roflol*  What do you do with a horse with a sense of humor!?  If I ever stop laughing, I'll let you know =p

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. BackyardNaturePhotosOctober 16, 2010 at 12:01 AM

    Hershey must be sooo much fun. Love all the photos. Such tiny wings, what kind of insect?

  2. Wonderful photos. My DH has always told me that horses have the best sense of humor and you are proving him right.

  3. Oh Hershey! gotta love a horse with a sense of humor!
    I saw a similar caterpillar on one of my tomato plants. Of course he/she had to go! But was I going to touch him/her? No way! I cut off the branch and threw it into the compost pile.

  4. Splendid - it's a tomato worm. This one had an introduction to the chickens. Ahem. They can do some major damage!

    Marlene - they are amazing critters. Hershey absolutely has a sense of humor and is very perseptive!

    Jane - thanks =) He's a big lovable teddy bear of a horse ;-)
    I have no idea what that bug is! I would like to know because there are a ton of them around here. LOL - not sure whether to stomp or run =p Just glad they can't fly!

  5. that donkey (is that what it is?) is adorable! I don't understand why they are so cute... at least to me!

  6. Hershey is quite a character! You have some interesting looking insects out in the country!

  7. fun to see the humor of your animals and you!

  8. I love them, too, story! My neighbor had one for a while and when we went riding, Jezzie just trotted along with us and the dogs. It was a hoot!

    Beaded - LOL - he is! Yeah, I don't know what those little beetle things are... haven't found them online =p

    Thanks, pfd! Glad you enjoyed them =)

  9. *roflol* Totally, Carole!

    Thanks, Stacy!

  10. Totally, Pam! And the caterpillar is a tomato worm. They are fascinating. The spots scare off the birds and keep them from being eaten.


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