Friday, October 8, 2010

County Fair Funtry Fun!

County fairs are the best!

Lots of wonderful artwork by local students!

Something for everyone - in this case, Legos for my son-in-law!

Adopt a greyhound?  These look like my daughter's dogs - but they aren't!


Which came first?  The chicken...

... or the egg?

This way to all of the food not ever meant to be eaten
by someone who wants to live through the weekend...

And, nope, I did not look for any fried beer.

And this is about as close as I got to the rides!
*roflol* Very enterprising soul there - great place to park
a vehicle that's on sale!

Blue sky in the morning,
clouds in the evening,
rain all night!

Hope you enjoyed the Yavapai County Fair!



  1. Love fairs, such fun and so many things to see. I don't get too close to the rides these days either. That chicken looks very inquisitive.

  2. Kathy, that chicken shot is excellent. Great fun.

  3. BackyardNaturePhotosOctober 9, 2010 at 10:51 AM

    Looks like fun. Love your photos & that chicken was wanting to say something. Beautiful shot of the sun coming through the clouds!

  4. Fried Beer? LOL

    Give me cotton candy and funnel cakes.
    I KNOW I would have had to go home with a greyhound.awwwww!

    God made the chicken. :o)
    That was great fun! Thanks!


  5. I love fairs Kathy. Did you say, fried beer????

  6. Thanks, Marlene - yeah, I don't do the rides, but then I never was that fond of them as a kid either.

    Thanks, Carole - I loved photographing all the animals!

    Jane - probably saying, let me at that other rooster =p Thanks - It was soooo pretty on the way home.

    Well, of course, MYSAVIOR - if I had been thinking, I would have figured that one out =p

    Ahem... and fried beer ~

    hehe - Stacy - at the risk of repeating myself *winks*

  7. I love County Fairs - so much more "personal" than the State Fair - although that is fun too. Love the rooster shot! Glad the weather held out for the day...we had hail damage here, big time! Hey, fry bread is one of the major food groups, is it not? Fried beer, ICK!!! I mean, really? ICK!

  8. Thanks, Karin! I agree - State Fair is fun, but County Fair is tons of fun. Hope you didn't have much damage! LOL - I agree about the fried beer =p

  9. Looks like they may have gotten a little rain. Sunny here, but cold.

  10. We did, Steve - fortunately not while I was walking all over the fair! lol!

    It was, Pam =)


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