Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What did I do this Labor Day weekend? Wellllll.....

I visited with friends ~

Yeah - he really is there!  Look in the upper left hand corner to see my little toad friend hiding in plain sight!

I rescued a little baby~

This little guinea got caught in the weeds.  I rescued him - and couldn't resist taking a picture, too =)  After he recovered from his little shock, he went happily off with his family ~

Then I spent some time just hanging out with the horses and I could resist doing a sketch of each one of them ~

"In the Tall Grass" ~ Hershey

"Time to Munch!" ~ Billie Jane

What did you do with your weekend?
Hope you had as much fun as I did!


PS - Yep!  Those little ACEOs are heading to my Etsy shop!


  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend, awww look at that face on that baby Guinea, so sweet! Beautiful sketches!

  2. I always enjoy the scenes from your country life. Once again I was not disappointed.

  3. I saw the toad right away, I love toads. That baby is just too adorable, as are most babies. The sketches are wonderful and will make beautiful paintings, although they are perfect as is.

  4. I love these images of the animals around your place. I caught a glimpse of a frog hopping away while I watered some flowers this past weekend, but that's it! They have good camouflage - glad you pointed out where it was in the piture.
    I think we make too much noise to see animals around my house. My neighbors see bears and deer here all the time.

  5. Maaan, took me forever to find the toad...need more coffee ;)
    YAY! that little bit of fluff is so cute!
    Love the horses! Great work!!! Thanks for sharing your weekend :D

  6. It would be great to be able to sketch moments like this on my paper. My sketches always look more like doodles, though:)

  7. I admire your drawing talent, especially with horses, which I think are very difficult to sketch.

  8. I love visiting your farm . . er . . . ranch?? What do you call it? Love the pictures, they put me there!

  9. Great aceos, Kathy and I always enjoy the photographs of what is happening at your place.

  10. That baby guinea is SO cute :)

    And your ACEOs are so cool!

  11. So many great scenes! Lovely work too! Thanks for sharing Kathleen!

  12. Hey Kathy! Glad you had a great weekend!! I did alot of gardening ;o)

  13. that's so nice to be able to be with the horses, and also do your art!

  14. It was lots of fun, story!

    Cool, Crow - gardening is lots of fun =) especially the eating veggies part of it! lol!

    Glad you enjoyed it, Lisa!

    Thanks, memories =)

    Thanks, Carole =) I appreciate the compliment from you! Love your photography and artwork =)

    *LOL* Linda - I call it a lot of work and a lot of fun! I have 5 acres and currently I am farming weeds =p and ranching two horses and a goat *winks*

    Thank you, Judy! I love horses and I watch them a lot. They are fascinating animals! Amazing the subtle ways that they interact with each other and their surroundings.

    Aw - NICO - doodles are lots of fun! We all just 'doodle' differently =)

    He hid pretty good, didn't he, Lee! LOL! Thanks - glad you enjoyed the art and photos =)

    Wow, tamdoll - I think I would like seeing the deer. Bear - no - not so much! lol! I'm happy with the toads and guineas =)

    Thanks, Marlene =) I like to do drawings with the watersoluable graphite - it's fun. I love toads, too - we have lots of them around right now! The baby guineas are just beginning to put on 'real' feathers now - love that 'stage'!

    Verdant - thank you so much =) I am glad you liked the tour of my weekend!

    Thanks, Pam! It was a good weekend =) It is lots of fun to watch the baby guineas - couldn't believe I got a chance to get a picture of one this close *lol* They are sooooo cute! So glad you liked my artwork - thank you!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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