Friday, September 3, 2010

We have babies! No cheek pinching, please... Funtry Friday!

Not that you could find their cheeks - even if you could get close enough to them to try  =p

Not easy to get a photograph of them either!  There are three babies between the far left grey guinea and the first white guinea.

There are five little babies in here - possibly six.  I snuck up behind them to get this shot but I was still very far away.  Ummmm....  none of the brown lumps are babies...  Just a few very quiet road apples =p  

You know I have had one or two things to say about the lovely, quiet little call that the guinea fowl have *laughs* (never heard it?  search the internet for guinea fowl sounds!)  Well, the little chatter that they have with their babies is just the opposite.  It is a very melodious soft bird sound - very hard to describe.  The babies make almost the same sound rather than little peeps like chickens make.  The overall chatter between mom and babies is very sweet.

Mom is a grey guinea - but I can't tell you which one of the birds she is.  The babies will group under mom for a few seconds and then they run off and mingle with all the other adult birds. 

The funniest thing to watch, is when they are in the low weeds.  You only see the weeds moving and then all of a sudden a little bird hops straight up.  If you saw them running on the ground by themselves, you might mistake them for mice.  They dart back and forth and run very fast so it is just about impossible to count them!  These babies are about a week old now. 

They do grow fast!  Newly hatched guinea babies are so tiny that they can go through the wires in a standard bird cage.  Guess how I know that?  *rolls eyes*

Hope your Funtry Friday got your weekend off to a good start!  For those celebrating Labor Day - have a nice long and safe weekend!



  1. Awww, they are so sweet! I love birds of all kinds. I'm going to google the sounds they make because I've never heard them, let alone seen them. So do they lay eggs for you?

  2. Hey Kathy ;o) So adorble!!! I love them! I would like to know too, do they lay eggs? Happy labour day weekend to you too ;o)

  3. Oh my! How sweet are they??


  4. Thank you so much Kathleen for sharing this with adorable!

  5. This is so sweet! Your posts are always so fun to read. :)

  6. BackyardNaturePhotosSeptember 4, 2010 at 4:37 AM

    Love your guinea story. I spent two weeks around some 25 years ago and their call is still ringing in my ears. The talk between adult & babies has to be music to the ears. Sweet!

  7. Kathy, they are adorable from what I can tell. You are very lucky to have such wonderful animals to photograph (although they must be a lot of work to maintain).

  8. They are so sweet. Glad your enjoying them.

  9. Pink and Magic ~ they do lay eggs... all over the place =p usually under bushes... in weeds... in someone else's yard... *lol* creative birds!

    hehe, Pink - turn the volume way up to really get and idea of how they sound! lol!

    Thanks, Sue!

    You are welcome, Deborah - glad you enjoyed them =)

    Thank you, v+s! =)

    *roflol* Backyard - it is memorable! to say the least, eh?! I was surprised how soft and pretty the chat between mama and babies is!

    Marlene - the guineas pretty much 'maintain' themselves. They eat a lot of weeds and bugs and they range over about 30 - 35 acres (ours and the neighbors). They munch a little chicken feed sometimes, too. For the amount of bugs they eat, they can have all the chicken feed they want! lol!

    Thanks, Very Verdant, Lee and Pam!!! Glad you enjoyed them =)

  10. So cute! We used to have ducks and ducklings...same thing in the weeds. Lucky you!

  11. Thanks, Art and Sew Forth - it is fun to have the critters =) Awww - baby ducks! I bet they were really cute!

  12. Cute, cute, cute! I love them! Since I am quite sure my neighbors would NOT appreciate my raising guineas, I am so glad that you share yours!

  13. *roflol* Now, why do you say that, Karin? LOL - everyone loves the sweet call of the guineas in the pre-dawn hours, don't they? and mid morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night... c'mon!


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