Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A (((very little))) Plein Aire painting fun!

Okay - I joke about my great Plein Aire painting adventures a lot!  And there is a reason for that - well, several reasons *laughs*  So I thought that I would show you a few of those reasons *winks*

Today, mind you, I have ventured off of the porch and I am sitting under a tree.  A willow tree, to be specific (not that it really matters - *lol* but just in case you wanted details *winks*)

I had a little bit of trouble juggling things today because I wasn't working on an ACEO*.  I was painting on a lovely Canson Montval 9 x 12 inch watercolor block.  That's still a nice size to hold in my lap, but the logistics of paint, water, brushes and paper just weren't working for me.  Being resourceful (and not far from the house) I hauled in the reserves.

Actually, I hauled over the wheelbarrow... 

It was the perfect location to put my little collection of goodies.  High tech, huh?!  Well, my 'paint case' is really 'high tech', too.  It is an extra bread pan from the kitchen.  Just the perfect size to hold my painting rag, my little ACEOs* (in a plastic bag which keeps them clean and keeps them from flying away in the persistent Paulden wind), my brushes, my little cup of water (very old coffee cup from the dark ages of Melmac), my little spray bottle (very little and very portable) and my lovely little Sennelier travel set of watercolors (yum!!!).

I like to work small (bet you figured that out) so this time I have done four little paintings on one sheet of paper.  The watercolor block is nice because the pages are all glued together so it will stay flat while I work - no matter how wet I get the paper.  Also, it will not flap and fly away in the wind.  Constant and persisitent Paulden wind.  Wind.  Lots of it...

but I digress...

I do have a couple of hints to help if you plan to do several paintings on one sheet of the watercolor block. 
  • First, draw some light pencil lines to show you where you want each painting to stop.  Ummm... and then pay attention to your pencil lines!  *laughs* 
  • The other hint is:  don't slop, don't splash, don't forget what is wet and what is dry, don't mess up what you have already finished *winks* or you will be unhappy.  Hey - if you were doing one 9 x 12 inch painting on that paper, the same thing would be true!
Here is one of the little paintings that I did today ~

The next step is to remove the sheet from the watercolor block and cut the little paintings apart.  These are all heading to my Etsy shop!

Hope you enjoyed our little excursion to the great outdoors for a little plein aire painting fun!  Are you going to grab your paints and a wheelbarrow and have some fun painting outside, too?


*ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals and they are only 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches in size.  Very portable for my plein aire adventures!  hehe!


  1. I love to paint Plein Aire, I also love inventiveness you used in choosing your moveable workstation. I have never learned to drive a wheelbarrow, every time I try I end up tipping it, is there a trick?

  2. thanks for the inspiration...I've tried plein aire & have not had a good time doing it...I think I'll try week maybe.

  3. Hey Kathy, I love how down to earth you are!! Just like me ;o) The little painting turned out beautiful, as always!!!

  4. Thanks, memories - it kept the cat out of the water, too ;-)

    Marlene... ummm... you mean they aren't supposed to tip? I thought they always tipped.... you mean there are some that don't tip over? Where? *lol* actually, my neighbor has a 4 wheel wheelbarrow... doesn't tip - but massively heavy to move loaded! lol!

    Hey, Bridget - try starting with a window ;-) I think that's really close to plein aire! *lol* at least for me it is!

    Thanks, Carole =)

    Thanks, Stacy - glad you liked my little painting =)

  5. Looks like you had fun. Beautiful paintings!

  6. Thanks, Pam! It has been fun - now if I can just get all the little artwork listed! lol!

  7. I love your "high tech" tools! However, I think you'd turn out a lovely painting no matter what tools you used!

  8. Awww - thanks a bunch, Patti! LOL - I love my high tech paint stand so much that I have kept on using it!


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