Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Never quite Wordless Wednesday...

But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words =p

Okay... Well, I know that someone out there has had a hard time getting the 'family' to all pose for a picture...  and, I expect that you have all had at least one 'clown' that just has to do something to get all the attention!  In this case, Bethie got distracted by the yummy willow tree and, - yep, that's Forrest 'the clown' in the front with the great tail 'shot'!

Happy Wednesday!  (wordless or not *winks*)


  1. The last photo is hilarious! It looks like the horse is standing on the goat, standing on the cat.

  2. Now that is one laid back dog! LOL. Great shot of your four legged family.

  3. Sweet Family! They are all so content, happy and healthy. Thank you, Kathy for sharing.

  4. lol Love the family portrait! Great pictures!

  5. We love the tail shot Forrest! All of you make a very cute family!

  6. hehe, Cynthia - it will come as a shock to Forrest that she is on the bottom and not the top! *LOL*

    Totally, Marlene!

    Thanks, Carole!

    Thanks, Lee!

    Thanks Stacy!

    Thanks, Colleen - hehe - and entertaining!

    Thanks, Pam!

    *Forrest grabs lap top and runs* Thanks, furfull friends! It was only right that I should be front and center of that foto! They's all misbehavin' anyway!

  7. A fun post :). Love your work on Etsy :)

  8. The flower photo! I love it!! :) Still a spot of summer!

  9. Thank you, Evelyn - glad you enjoyed the fun and my artwork!

    Thanks, Lisa! I am really enjoying the sunflowers that are still blooming =)

  10. Thanks, Steve! Thanks for dropping by - glad you enjoyed it =)


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