Friday, September 10, 2010

A little Funtry Friday with the Queen of all Cats!

Ah, yes - here is Forrest in one of her favorite places...  the garden!

It is especially her favorite place when the water is running...

Now, please take note that there is a full bowl of water not five feet away from where she is.  For some reason, muddy puddles are her favorite soda shoppe.  I have seen her tip toe through yards of mud just to get to the perfect rain puddle!  She really loves her outdoor watering holes.  When I turn on the hose, she comes running!

Well, she comes running until it is time for The Queen of all Cats to take a cat nap!

Hope you have a purrrrrfect day!


  1. The Queen is beautiful, a fact of which she seems supremely aware! I know just what you mean by the water! We have a LOT of stray and feral cats that we have rescued, had spayed/neutered and for whom we provide food and plenty of fresh, clean water. Where do they drink? That would be the gutter, whenever there is water in it! It is their favorite watering hole - dirt and heaven knows what all is their favorite flavor, I guess!

  2. Hey Kathy ;o) I love cats, so I love this post!! You should go to Deb's blog, you will get a nice surpirse

  3. She is a beautiful cat, funny girl thought most cats run when you turn on the water.

  4. Thanks v + s!

    Totally, Pam =)

    *roflol* Karin - perhaps it is the kitty version of 'flavored water'?!

    Thanks, Stacy =) I will wander over there and enjoy =)

    Marlene - She has even been squirted by the hose (accidentally, of course!) and she still hangs around waiting for her favorite puddle to fill up! lol!

    And, yes, Forrest is completely convinced that she is also beautiful. Aren't all queens beautiful? Forrest thinks so!

  5. I love when they pose like in the last picture...sooooo sweet

  6. Thanks, Deborah! *LOL* That was fun to take, too!


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