Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yummy new art supplies!

Isn't it fun to get new art supplies - and then have them turn out to be yummy art stupplies!   It sure does give your creative spirit a jump start =)

I bought a new bottle of ink.  Now, you have to know that I am a TOTAL ink snob =p  I am sooooo picky with ink...  Well, I had seen this ink before, but I had never tried it.
Mmmmmm!  Yummy =)  Dr. Martin's Black Star matte ink is nice and dense, but it stays matte no matter how thick a line you make.  It was very smooth to use, too - even given that my pen point could definitely stand to be replaced.  *lol*  I'm a pen snob, too... I can't find the same nib so I just keep nursing this one along =p

At any rate, I got inspired by the fun of new ink, so here is a little 5 x 7 inch mixed media painting that I did ~
This little painting was inspired by the Melange challenge ~ Rain ~ and it is ink, watercolor and gouache ~ one of my favorite combinations for mixed media!  Here is Billie Jane totally dripping wet in the rain.

So, what do you think I should call this little painting?  It's heading to my Etsy shop as soon as I can figure out what to call it *lol*  Help me out here!

Hope you had a creative day, too!


  1. YAY! Glad you liked it. :)
    Reign drops?

  2. Your horses and such are all so lifelike so wonderful!! OH He is definately a "Speechless" :)

  3. Poor Billie Jane - she is Reined Out! Love the colors Kath! What does wet horse smell like? Truthfully I don't think I have ever had that olfactory experience - is it anything like wet dog (with which I have had way too much experience! LOL)?

  4. Kathy, simply wonderful! Thanks for the tip about the ink :D
    She looks flirty!

  5. Love the painting Kathy. I have never tried to use that type of ink, will have to give it some thought. I am back from the mountains and trying to catch up.

  6. Indeed, I do like it, Cynthia =) Very fun shopping trip with you and the girls!

    Thank you, Paper Moon!

    LOL - Karin - she was a bit 'bedraggled' that day =p Um... wet horse... The smell of wet horse is usually overpowered by 'wet stuff they are standing in...' 8-p *roflol*

    Thanks, Lee =) I played with the ink again today - I really like it!

    Welcome back, Marlene =) Hope you had a good time! This ink will also work in a fountain pen, though I haven't tried that as I use a pen stock and nib.

  7. There is nothing better than new supplies :)

    Love the name Reign Drops :)

    All I could come up with is Rainy Janey :)

  8. LOL - Rainy Janey is pretty good, too, memories ;-) Yes - I would rather buy new art supplies than just about anything else =)

  9. Beautiful Kathleen, I adore your work,you are so talented and have such wonderful subject matter with your horses, thanks for joining the Melange Blog mixed media challenge this month "rain"!

  10. Beautiful! I was going to just say 'Rain' but I really like the suggested "Reign Drops." Very clever!

  11. I love challenges, whyte - and this one had so many fun possibilities! Thank you for the compliment =)

    Thanks, Liz =) Glad you like the painting!

  12. She is beautiful! Glad your having fun with the new art supplies! Oooh I love the title Cynthia suggested.

  13. Thanks, Pam! I liked Cynthia's title, too =) That ink is really cool! I have used it several times and I really like it.


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