Friday, August 13, 2010

Where's the bulldozer? Funtry Friday!

Remember when all the pictures from my walks looked like this...?

Yeah... not so much now =p  We had a little rain and now it's green!
I have shared my love of tumbleweeds, but now that has given way to sheep weed.  Yeah, I don't really know what it's called, but that's what we call it because sheep will eat it.  *lol*   They must eat it from the bottom up because this stuff is taller than I am!

And then there's this little guy...
Bind weed is a miracle plant.  It comes from nowhere, requires no water, probably doesn't need dirt, will spread across the ground, up fences, over the tumbleweed, through the sheep weed, up and down the grass, and over the hill to grandma's house...

Not sure, but I'm thinking it may be an improvement!  *lol* but it's past the lawnmower - totally need a bulldozer now =p

Country living will make you appreciate the change of seasons *winks* and the changing of the weeds.  Happy 'fun in the country' Friday to you all!

Blessed gardening and weed whacking to you ~


  1. It must be very interesting living on a farm. I don't envy you trying to keep up with any of those weeds.

  2. Hi Kathy! It's very interesting how mother nature plants different things! I love seeing what comes up natural. I don't have a farm and I don't live in the woods, but I am always experimenting with the lawn. I don't even plant grass anymore, only clover! And, I have the greenest "lawn" in town! LOL!!

  3. Carole - the bind weed has the prettiest flower - pink to white and almost like a miniature morning glory. It is very invasive, though, so it is listed as a 'noxious weed' *lol*

    Marlene - I can't imagine what people with lots of acreage do *whew* I can barely keep up with my five acres of weeds =p I know the people behind me grow produce for local farmer's markets - they have people who work for them to keep up with it all.

    Love the clover idea, Crow ;-) My theory on lawns: if it's green, mow it. That's what I did when I had a house in Phoenix =p I love to photograph and paint the local 'weeds' because the flowers are so pretty.

  4. Kathy, your writing style is so much fun! Sheep weeds! LOL

  5. Thanks, Pam! hehe - just shariing the warped brain cells with everyone *winks*


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