Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What a difference a day makes!

Remember that wet and soggy all water-covered road?  Well, take a look at the road now!  What a difference a warm, sunny day makes =) 
The wash is still running...  but the water has gone down there, too. 
I am so totally not going to mention the humidity, though =p  but even that was a bit better today.  Just have to love our 'monsoon season' out here!  Makes for some very pretty, lush, green... ah... weeds.  Yeah.  They are all weeds *lol*

And, I did get a few things listed in my Etsy shop - some old favorites and some new future favorites, too ;-)  Like this one ~

It was also very fun to have a sale so soon after coming home - Thank You!!! - and to be able to drive out the dry road to mail the order to her!  Woohoo!

And, yeah... I did eventually need a 'plan B' today *roflol* when the lawn mower quit working.  My neighbor came over and showed me a 'little trick' to get it to start again.  Going to remember that one!  *lol*

Hope you had a great day, too - and if you had to use 'plan B', hope it went smoothly for you as well!  Anybody out there only need 'plan A' today?  lol!



  1. So glad to see you post dear one.

  2. No, not just plan A ,usually plan B and sometimes we make it to plan C.

  3. Thanks, ma thet zin.

    LOL - Marlene, it's a good thing the alphabet goes to Z - somedays I need more alternatives! *roflol*

  4. Glad you dried out.

    Congrats on the sale! Love the cactus heads!

  5. I always enjoy seeing photos of the area where you live because it is so different from mine.
    plan B, C, D....

  6. Thanks, Pam! I am glad to have dried out a bit, too - since more rain is due this weekend ;-)

    Thanks, Splendid =) It's a very pretty area! Glad you like the photos.

  7. Totally, Carole! or damp, at the very most ;-)


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