Friday, August 6, 2010

Want to stop traffic? Well, or at least slow it down... Funtry Friday!

Drive 125 miles... take a country friend to the city.

Okay, well - maybe this isn't really my friend!  and I sure did get some confused stares *roflol*

Hey - driving tumbleweeds 125 miles away insures that the seeds will not come back to haunt me next year in the form of more tumbleweeds.  Desperate measures!?

No, seriously, someone really wanted these tumbleweeds *winks* for decoration at a Vacation Bible School.  *lol* I would drive them that far again just for the funny looks I got, though!  Ummm... and the fact that I did not have to bring them back home!

Had any crazy fun lately?
Hope you enjoyed mine!


  1. hee hee! Wow, they would make great props for a play!

  2. LOL I can just imagine! Tumble weeds are cool, we see them time to time her rolling down the streets!

  3. Yes, Pam's right, it's weird to see them in Cowtown :-) I think it's so funny that one got to ride in style :-)

  4. *lol* The kids loved them, V!

    Wow, Pam. I do believe those things will grow anywhere! lol!

    Yeah, Pony - you should have seen the cars speed past, then slow down until I caught up so they could take a second look. I was laughing the whole trip! lol!

  5. lol Kathy!

    LOL I bet that would be very entertaining for you!

  6. hilarious post. I heard they were brought over from Australia.

  7. *roflol* Pam - I had more tumbleweeds in the back seat, too! The reactions had me laughing all the way to Phoenix. hehe - there were people checking out my truck at the rest stop =p

    Thanks, Juana ;-) Too funny! I didn't know that =p Wonder if they want some back ;-)

  8. LOL, Kathy. Your life certainly is not boring.

  9. Nope, Carole ;-) Something new every day! lol!


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